Monday, February 25, 2019

Heart Homes and #Godgoals

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Rearranging furniture, dusting shelves, sweeping floors, changing lightbulbs and setting tables are just some of the items we check off when we are expecting company. Entertaining is fun. Preparing can be overwhelming...If we let it.

Well, I'm not letting it!

Some dinner parties have been packed with preparation that gives way to perfection. Others have been “do what you can” and “come as you are.” I've often joked that my life purpose is to make everyone else feel better about themselves—their mothering, their homemaking, their artistic endeavors, their entire life.

You see, although I thrive on competition and sometimes get lucky enough to land on top, I rarely rate myself an A. Whether you’re thinking I should rest easy on myself or you’re cheering for me to push harder, no matter. I love you all and welcome you to my space, my internetty home. You’re welcome on my messy house and empty cupboard days and on my A-game with dinner on the stove days.

Feel free to drop in anytime, hang out awhile and comment, share and involve yourself with my life. Whether I’m washing windows or spinning stories, I hope you’ll put up your feet, relax and unwind right here in the middle of growing laundry piles and never-ending grocery lists. 

Just like real life and lived-in homes, it’s gonna remain under construction, a work in progress. My world-wide-webby home will proudly declare, "Come on in, we live here!" just like my in-real-lifey home. We do life and sometimes life undoes us but no matter where we are or what state we're in, we always welcome you...Even when we're struggling to ignore the mess! (smiles) 

Sometimes it's not really the mess but the list of projects. I mean, if this blog were a house, it'd be all wall-to-wall carpeting and jewel tone wallpaper. Just know I'm working. If you find a broken link or have a crazy question, just let me know. Meanwhile, I'm brushing dust off these old words and updating yesteryear's decor.

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I’m not quite sure God’s agenda has my house spotless or my blog savvy, but I know He wants a special Book in my hands and a mighty purpose in my heart. 

If you have the desire to see God in your everyday, to hear Him in your darkest hour, to discover the thrill of knowing Him more or just to feel better about your housekeeping habits, download my free guide because you have #Godgoals.

Remember:  More than God wants our homes to be perfect; He wants our hearts' home in Him. Click to Tweet this.

"Live in me. Make your home in me just as I do in you." (John 15:4 The Message)

Let's reach our #Godgoals together!

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