Sunday, February 03, 2019

Comebacks Require Setbacks

Falling down is inevitable. It's the getting back up that takes effort. 

My kids play sports. I've watched lots of games. I love how the parents all clap for the athlete that gets back up--even if the athlete has to leave the game, the audience claps. There's just something to be said for the toughness and determination of getting up again.

Maybe you didn't know I once had a blog. Maybe you did know. Maybe you forgot. 

It's true. This little blog of mine was once active, chronicling the life that happened around me, inside of me. Then some big things happened in my little world. I got cancer, moved cities, got healed, got depressed, quit writing.

I always knew I'd start again. I'm the Queen of "One day." And all the days are busy, all go by fast. But the lesson that cancer first taught me is that life isn't free for the spending. Life has a limit. Our days are numbered.

And, that's why I intend to spend the rest of mine chasing this crazy dream of putting my words into the world. On paper, in the air, to audiences. Whatever the opportunity, I've promised God to chase it. With shaky knees and a nervous heart, here I go again.

In case you're one of those who didn't know I once had a blog, you'll get the chance to know my younger self. Just look at the pictures...that baby, he's going to be a teen next week. And, that beautiful brunette, she's a freshman at Texas A & M. Whoop! (And being an Aggie mom is even better than being an Aggie...It's one of my favorite mom things so far.) The other precious girl is graduating in a few months. And that cute boy is working on his drivers license. 

And, I wish it were tidy. Perfectly stitched, no holes. I wish it were perfectly polished with designer appointments, but it's not. The photos are old and the words are a mix of then and now, words I'm afraid to read tonight because maybe they're not what I remember. But I will read them tomorrow because maybe, just maybe, they're more than I recall.

And this blog is just what it is tonight. Because the best place to get back up and start again is the place you were last standing when you fell down. Just ask any athlete. Even the ones that were carried off on stretchers will tell you, the best place to be is back on the field. 

 So, here I am ready for the next play.

After all, you can't have a big comeback without a setback. 

For the lovers of God may suffer adversity
    and stumble seven times,
    but they will continue to rise over and over again. 
(Proverbs 24:16 TPT)


Kathy@ Gone North said...

Hi Lisa.. Isn't this funny, I thought of you not long ago, wondered how you were doing. I prayed for you during cancer. I no longer blog or follow blogs, & usually don't check emails very often.. & today there you were. Glad that you are following your passion & dream. God will honor that. Hoping that these continue thru my email. It was a delight to read your words long ago..

Lisa Smith said...

Yay! I have a comment!! Lol
I was hoping some of my “old friends” and me might find each other again! xoxo to you. I hope you are doing great too :D