Monday, October 15, 2012

How fall begs us to share our faith

Have you ever experienced fall? I'm from Texas. I experience hot. And cold. One day the trees are green. The next the temperature drops 40 degrees and the trees are bare. The colors of autumn painted across the hills and valley where I had the privilege of staying this weekend are a breathtaking reminder of God's creativity and beauty. As rain danced across colorful leaves, ladies gathered taking time from a hectic life to seek their Creator.

I just returned from Missouri where I had the privilege and honor to minister to a fun group of ladies from Forward Community Church. My friend Angie belongs to this community. 

One thing about my friend Angie is her willingness to take me to Jesus, no matter what the cost. She reminds me of some friends in Luke 5 which we met this weekend.

In Luke 5:17 Jesus is teaching to a large crowd from many towns "And the power of the Lord was present for him to heal the sick."

Some men came carrying their paralyzed friend on a mat. When they couldn't get through the crowd they climbed to the roof, made a hole and lowered the man down "right in front of Jesus." (v. 19)

Jesus saw their faith, forgave his sins and healed him. (v. 20)

Think about it. The faith of friends moved Jesus to heal their paralyzed friend. Their sick friend was completely dependent on his friends to take him to Jesus. He couldn't move on his own. And the text implies this sick man wasn't only dependent on his friends' movement, he was also dependent on their faith.

We had the privilege of being where the power of the Lord was to heal the sick this weekend. We saw Jesus forgive and heal our sisters as we prayed for them. We saw the beauty of the Creator painted across the scenery. In this serene place there was no doubt of His power. Of His love. Of His work. 

As we left the peace and pretty of the valley, we left with new faith. Bigger faith. Deeper faith.

Your community is full of other ladies. Ladies I didn't get the privilege of meeting. Ladies too paralyzed to come this weekend. Ladies paralyzed by busyness. Ladies paralyzed by need. Paralyzed by duty. Paralyzed by fear. Paralyzed by rejection.

They may have missed the rainbow foliage across the rain sparkling valley but it's not too late for them to see the most miraculous scene of all. Ladies changed by the presence of Jesus and his healing power.

God wants you to grab these sisters. Call them. Email them. Love on them. Take them to lunch. Take them to where Jesus and His healing power is. Even if you have to make a hole in your schedule to get them there. Don't leave your beloved girlfriends behind. Take them to Jesus. Invite them into your community.

Let them experience the beauty of your weekend too. 

This weekend we identified with the dependent paralytic. Now, as you pick up your mat and follow your Jesus, put yourself in the shoes of his diligent friends. Make a persevering, painstaking effort to take your paralyzed girlfriends to the place where the power of Jesus is present to heal the sick. 

Keep the scenery beautiful. Keep praying for each other. Keep adding to your community. Keep taking your girlfriends to Jesus.

How will you take someone else to Jesus today? 

How can I pray for you as you share your faith?

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Angie Love said...

What a breath-taking weekend. I loved being in the presence of the ladies, and the friend of my heart. I have been thinking about how to pass on the power of Jesus we felt this weekend with the ladies who couldn't attend. I have been praying for them, I have been praying that the ladies who attended will stand at the alter on Sunday morning, ready to pray over the women who couldn't attend, anticipating the movement of the Holy Spirit the way He moved Saturday night.
I have shared story after story of the weekend, all centered around the movement of the Lord, the healing that began, the forgiveness, the renewal. I have been praying that my excitement, hope, and happiness will spread.
I have found my accountability partners, I am looking forward to the relationships that will grow stronger from our time together.
Thank you Lisa, for listening, for following, for giving, for humbling yourself, for coming.


I like this thought, Lisa, of times we are blessed by unique community in a beautiful setting ... and thinking of those that can't be there.

I am speaking at a retreat in April and will carry this thought with me.