Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Elephant

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Ignoring it is not my style. Nor is sweeping it under the rug or walking around it in the center of the living room for so long it begins sitting in front of the couch with a plant on its back.

But I am setting it aside today. And asking it to stand and to lift each large leg as I vacuum under them and spray some Lysol where its hiney rests.

I intend to talk about the elephant in the room. Just not today. But I promise. I will. I will chat it up with you in true Glad Chatter fashion. I will spill the big, ugly truth right here on this blog where all seven of you who pop over to check on me from time to time will know where I’ve been for the last six months. **smiles**

I will take all the big ugly, spruce up each wrinkle, bling up the chub and we’ll sort and discuss until we all feel fuzzy warm inside and not just because we are sporting our velvety new Christmas scarves and  favorite furry slippers.

Today I am pretending having an elephant in your living room is the fanciest new Christmas decoration and hanging ornaments from its tusks and bedazzling its ears. I’m tying a giant sparkly bow to its tail and adding some gaudy rainbow blinky lights to its back. Then I’m giving it my favorite lepard earmuffs so it can’t hear me dish with you. About how I got here. Back online.

I’ve missed you, chatters. I’ve missed your hearts, your encouragement, your insight, your devotion to all things bloggy and all things Jesus. We Jesus gals needs to stick together, you know.

So today I’m sticking. I’m taking the fifty rolls of Scotch tape I just bought to wrap the gazillion gifts I have yet to buy and I’m sticking my heart right here on the screen. Its wrapped in a big bloggy hug and adorned with a sincere apology for just walking out on you, my seven faithful readers. **smiles**

Instead of introducing you to the elephant today, I’m taking a minute to pause in the panic of this holy season and thank Jesus for being with me. Even when I was not with you, He was. With you. And with me. And He is. With you. With me. With us.

God.With.Us. Emmanuel.

“Be silent, all mankind, before the Lord, for he has come to earth from heaven, from his holy home.” Zechariah 2:13