Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Bloggy Vacation

This blog has been busy.

Playing cards, going swimming and enjoying the children.

Sharing with the needy from its closets, cabinets and clutter. 

Organizing the pantry!!!

Preparing to paint white walls.

Vacationing in Florida.

Packing for camp.

Playing All-stars.

And preparing for She Speaks.

But mostly this blog has just been looking and listening for Jesus. When life gets to be too much, He calls. And this blog answers.

After attending She Speaks.

And cancer check-ups.

And company.

And school shopping.

And another week of camp.

And a special and wonderful wedding.

And of course, a little more playing with the kids,

This blog will resume its regularly scheduled programming.

PS Once this blog finds its zip cord, pictures of the pantry will appear.