Thursday, January 06, 2011


I think a list of goals is a little, well, booor-ing. But in an effort to achieve brevity and stick with the program, I’m listing my goals. Remember, I’m taking Melanie’s advice and making goals for the First Quarter right now.

I’m also being held accountable by Sandy to get ‘er done, the list that is and probably the goals too because she’s just a good friend like that. The interesting thing is I met Sandy a few years, two, three?, back right around this time. We had the exact same annual theme. It started this running joke. We were separate at birth. About once a week, one of us says in comment form, “I could’ve written this.” Which had led me to believe we weren’t just sisters or twins but possibly Siamese twins sharing the same brain—I think she got the smarter half at separation. (smiles)

Because it’s almost always like this, I was tempted, very tempted, to cut and paste a few of her goals here. But because I want to call myself a writer when I grow up, I’m attempting to put it all in my own words and of course, reserving the right to expand at a later date.

First Quarter 2011 Goals

Word Goals
1.     Words to think: The way I talk to myself is ugly. Y’all, it’s downright mortifying. I can’t even write it here because of the fact this is a Christian blog and all. But I will listen to myself talk to myself and I will replace any lies with the Truth of God. I will learn God’s words regarding myself, I will love them and I will live them. I will speak to myself in positive, truthful and realistic language.

2.     Words to speak: I hope and pray my words to others are seasoned with heartfelt love and grace. But when I’m staring at the filthiness of my heart language to myself, I can’t help but wonder if it’s spilling out all over those I love. If you asked them what spills out of my mouth on them, they might say love and encouragement some days but I’m willing to bet on other days they’d remain silent. This means when my children and husband speak to me, I will make them feel important by stopping what I’m doing, if only briefly, making eye contact with them and really listening to what they say.

3.     Words to hear: I will hear others’ words while believing the best about them, every time. I will hear them out before jumping to conclusions or making judgments. I will offer grace and love continually.

4.     Words to write: Here is where I am taking pressure off myself. I would love to say that I will write the introduction and one chapter on a book proposal. Realistically, I know I am not getting the writing time I’d like each day. So, I’m taking that pressure off myself.
a.     I will write three to four blog posts per week.
b.     I will submit one piece of writing, already written, to my online critique group.
c.      I will then submit that piece of writing somewhere, anywhere on the world wide web for publication.
d.   Not sure if this goes under write or speak... but I will do one video blog per month.
e.  I will write and submit the two blog posts my sweet friends asked me to guest post a long time ago.

Health Goals: Again, I’m being realistic and trying to not push myself to exhaustion.
1.     I will run 2.5-4 miles 3-4 times per week.
2.     I will weight train 1-2 times per week.
3.     I will get proper rest.
4.     I will have a healthy eating plan each day including dinner.

Household Goals:
1.     Finish organizing pantry including labeling shelves.
2.     Label shelves in garage.
3.     Write at least ten long overdue thank you notes.
4.     Hang cross collection on wall.
5.     Start photo collage for living room.

Spiritual Goals:
1.     Read God’s Word each day with communion.
2.     Pray specifically a theme for each member of my family.
3.     Seek God’s direction for my writing/speaking ministry.

Go link to Sandy to join the goal-setting fun


Melanie said...

I see a couple that are close to mine: video blog and some of the health goals.
I really think doing quarterly goals is going to be the ticket for me!

Andrea said...

What an inspiration you are to me and so many others. I saw some goals that I need to take as my own from your list.

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Mining for Diamonds said...

Four words hit me in this post: "Taking pressure off myself". That is what I need to do! I put a lot of pressure on myself and then wallow in defeat when I don't do what I pressured myself to do. No more guilt! And no more speaking negatively to myself. I'm with you on that!

Blessings to you in your journey to achieving all of your goals!

Sandy @ The Scoop on Balance said...

You talk ugly to yourself too??? Imagine that, oh Siamese Twin of mine. By the end of this year, we are going to be SO FULL OF GOD'S WORD. Giiirrrrlllll...we will be so POWERFUL for God's kingdom.

I want to come organize your pantry. I didn't get the "smart" gene, but I did get the "organizing" gene. You definitely got the "pretty" gene.

Love your writing and spiritual goals.


Deborah said...

YIKES! You have a lot of goals! Way more than me! I hope all is going well and you stay healthy this new year! I pray for that.
PS. Penny got great news at the Doctors so they will see her in Feb. You can't get any better than that!

Andrea K. Van Ye said...

Nice job, Lisa! Fun to read through your list and ponder some of my own goals -- I guess at this point you could say my goal is to set some goals?

Kim said...

I love your goals...and you are an inspiration!