Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The long awaited, much anticipated traditional Christmas fare in our home.

I buy prime rib. My good friend, Kyle, taught me to wait patiently until it goes on sale. I haven't even purchased it yet this year because I've been so busy. But I am not worried. Oh no, I am not. Someone always has it at a good price the week of Christmas. Kyle, do you know who?

I usually buy around 8 pounds. We like leftovers. Andrew has requested that I buy 10 this year. Our kids like to eat! Even tonsiless Palmer. He had his tonsils out this morning and just fell asleep crying for a hotdog!

Anyway, I have had better luck with larger cuts of meat anyway. Place the bone side down in a roasting pan. I rub garlic, Lowrey's seasoning salt and pepper on the outside and melt some butter (Hey, it's Christmas!) to pour over the top. About a half a stick or so. I honestly have no recipe for this. I wing it.

Then I cook it. At the start at 450 for 20 minutes then reduce the heat to 325 and cook 20 minutes per pound. I insert the meat thermometer into the thickest part until it registers 128-130. Let it stand 20 minutes before carving.

Serve with a mixture of half sour cream and half horseradish.

Sides are my own variation of Greek potatoes. I cut potatoes in eighths. Spray a casserole dish with Pam. Sprinkle season salt, garlic, lemon pepper and oregano. Add a dash of olive oil and some more butter. Yum!! Bake covered for an hour and uncovered until browned. Supposed to be baked at 400 but I have to bake in the same oven as meat.

We serve green beans, salad and rolls on the side as well. I usually buy Rhodes rolls. You get them in the frozen section. They have to rise. They taste just like homemade and are so easy!

I've cooked this on New Year's when we've been gone for Christmas. We all look forward to this meal every year. It's so good. You just have to have the meat thermometer. Don't be scared like I was to cook a huge and expensive cut of meat...just follow the directions and you'll be okay, I promise!

Monday, December 22, 2008


You may have noticed that I've been rather silent here lately. I'll just be honest. This year being festive has been one more commitment. One more thing to mark off the list. I really hate that but it seems our daily life is so busy that trying to put up a tree and plan for a holiday in the midst of that has been almost too much at times.

We've battled sickness. We've traveled from Houston to Dallas. We're having our tonsils removed tomorrow of all days! It's been a busy year!

As of Friday night, our tree is decorated, our lights are glowing and some presents are neatly tucked into hiding. I haven't shopped for that famous traditional prime rib dinner that I brag about each year...but I will and I promise to post my recipes soon. Before Christmas and very soon!!!

The sadness and overwhelming feeling that I was "missing" Christmas this year lingered around me. Until...It snowed!

IT SNOWED in College Station, Texas. Snowed for hours. Covering our southernness in beautiful whiteness.

Something about the calmness and tranquility of falling snow and something about the excitement and energy it brings about in children is well...Christmassy.
With the falling of snowflakes Christmas carols started jingling in my heart and visions of sugar plums began dancing in my head.

As our family was having a snowball fight, enjoying the fleeting fluffy miracle, I was reminded that Christmas is all about relationships. As we honor one another by spending time together we celebrate.

Christmas is about the one relationship that made it all possible. So this Christmas season I'm praying you all find the time to rejoice in relationships especially your relationship with the One we worship.