Saturday, June 28, 2008

Online Distractions

I am taking defensive driving right now. If I keep typing on this blog, I may never finish. Hey, they shouldn't offer the course online with no real big brother type supervision if they don't expect me to write a blog post, check my email and ummm google my favorite subjects. Actually I wonder if I could take defensive driving on my iPhone while I am driving in my car...But I digress.
Yes, I went fast and I got caught. My children are calling this my spanking. haha

But, I have a question.

Seriously, who really checks the weather forecast and traffic conditions before setting out each morning? I mean I so could now that I have my iPhone but I have to place it in the bottom of my purse so I am not tempted to play with it while driving. (Isn't that good defensive driving?)

Also would somebody please tell me who evaluates their personal well being and allergies prior to getting behind the wheel?


Maybe that's why I had to take this class...My allergies made me speed!

Want some safety tips?

No reclining in those seats. The recline option is only for those who sleep in their cars when they are not moving.

And, just so you know, your head restraint is supposed to be adjusted to be even with your ears. You are now whiplash educated thanks to this here blog.

Happy driving, folks because parts of this course are totally random.

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Renee said...

I have been so lucky not to get the speeding tickets yet. Who doesn't speed in Dallas huh? Isn't it great that you can take that online....who knew?

BTW, take high doses of Vit C for your allergies!