Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day and Yachts

This year we are taking full advantage of having parents that live on the lake. We are joining a boat co-op. Basically, pay a monthly fee to reserve a boat any time you want, sort of.

Our first experience was to be Father's Day. It's what Andrew wanted. Seconded by his brother and father.

The only requirement was that we take a boat driving lesson for the insurance.

No problem.

Actually, we've all driven a boat before so no big deal.

Afterall, all we want to do is pull a skier and get some sun. Fun on the lake!

We arrive in Conroe at 9 AM Saturday morning, kids in tow sans swimsuits for a short lesson. Seriously, how hard can driving a boat be?

Shortly after arriving we learn that it will be a FULL day on the water learning to drive our yacht certified vessel! Holy cow!

By the time we actually lay eyes on the craft, I'm terrified of smashing or scratching the $100,000 yacht. Seriously!

We continue with the lesson because, like Andrew said, "When else will we get one-on-one boating lessons?" A real challenge.

The expected hour on the water soon turned to five then six. After throwing up, I felt much better...just not too much like learning to back into the dock or pull The Love Boat into the slip.

I did learn how to drive it and parallel park it by the dock. It was a small rush combined with mind-numbing fear.

The only one of our group of five that felt confident behind the wheel was Andrew. Imagine. I was so proud of my sailor!

Truly, he always calls me up a notch. Always stretching me beyond what I think my limits are. We will all surely be more than we ever dreamed we could be with Andrew, our captain at our sides. Just like he can talk Julia into parasailing and Hunter into going down the big slides at Schlitterbahn. Overcoming obstacles is second nature to him. The fearless skipper of the weekend!

Needless to say, we were completely worn out for our Sunday excursion. After just getting back from South Padre and spending another long day on the water so we didn't make it to ski on Sunday.

And, did I mention that the "yacht" wasn't even a skiing boat? We found that out about 7:00 Saturday night.

What a day!


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

I am glad you had fun, I would get sick too.

Come visit frog heaven!!

Jenn said...

Sorry you got sick! How fun that you you drove a yacht - not many people can say that.

mrs. smith said...

hahahahaha.... ohhhh what a day. let's try to forget it soon --
otherwise we may never return :)
kidding, of course