Monday, June 25, 2007

My Big Baby Girl Goes Bye-bye!

My baby is at summer camp this week. She's old enough to go away for a week with her peers to make those summer time memories!

Yesterday Julia got on a great big bus with a suitcase bigger than she is and went a long ways away to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a week. She is attending camp at Dry Gulch USA with her cousin's and Gran's church

She's there with her cousin, Jack. I can't believe they're old enough and that they want to go. They're excited about spending a week away from home. sniff sniff. They're excited about the fun, activities and life with their peers. sniff sniff. I am excited about them experiencing for the first time the way that God can grab us when we're away from everyday life and immersed in an atmosphere where God can speak to us in profound, life-changing, forever ways.

Please join me in praying that God will touch them in a mighty life-impacting way that He always seems to do at camp. I pray that amidst tubing on the lake, riding the water slides and jumping on the huge water trampoline that God would capture their little hearts in a great big way! I pray they would come home changed for Christ more aware of their great need for Him and more aware of His great love for them.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I am praying that God will use Julia's child like faith and dynamic personality to move mightily for the Kingdom.
I will be praying that God captures her heart and sets it on fire for Him.
What an awesome opportunity.

The Peahen said...

Wow! I can't believe it! It seems unbelievable that I laid eyes on her the day she was born & now this! Wow!

Renee Heaton said...

I still remember most of the camps that I went to. My all time favorite was Super Summer at Baylor University. What great memories she will be making!

lisasmith said...

Super Summer was one of my favorites too. It was like fish camp for Christians! I loved it...I hope my kids get the chance to go someday.