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Meet Lisa Smith ... Ordinary Girl

Lisa is an ordinary girl. Words like average and usual have been used to describe her. She can do many things good, very few great. She loves relating to everyday people as she lives her ordinary life full of laundry, carpools and vacuuming.

She has been married to Andrew for almost 13 years, most of them happy. Read about how God made her dream of a beautiful love story come true here. On good days she helps him run their real estate business and a couple of others on the side. On most days she can be found at the local elementary school, soccer practice or a baseball game with her four children ages 10, 8, 6 and 3. In her spare time she runs, writes and sometimes even reads a book. She vacations at the beach as much as possible and is constantly trying to get organized.

Lisa is someone just like you except she's encountered an extraordinary God. She shares from her heart how dreams can come true when an ordinary life intersects with an extraordinary God. Read more of her story here.

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