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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Confident Heart: Growing Together

Happy 2012!!! I am here. Chatting. With you.

I am here. Excited about a brand new year. New beginnings refresh me. What about you?

Ready to share some of your journey with me? You know, I've been gone a pretty long time. I missed you. I want to know ways you grew, ways you struggled, ways you succeeded!! Grab a seat and share. Right here. With me.

I also want to grow with you. This year. 2012.

So, in an effort to do just that. Grow together. (And keep me accountable to firing up blogger even when I have a zillion other things pulling at me) I am joining forces with my friend, Renee Swope and over 6,000 other women!!! Women just like me and just like you. Women who want to grow. Together. Struggle together (you really can't separate those words.) Succeed. Together.

Come do life with us.

Here's how:

Go register to be a part of the A Confident Heart Bible study here

Buy Renee's book, A Confident Heart.

Come back and tell me.

Be here January 16 for our kickoff. You can visit Renee and the 6,000 that day too. But if you don't have time to click all over the place, just come back to discuss chapter 1. Renee will pop over from time to time and you can comment, link your post, text, tweet, facebook me or holla!, (if I know you irl).

This book has shown me how to live life with a new confidence through power that I possessed yet never knew how to access. The Word of God has tremendous power in our lives, if we tap into it realizing its worth. Most of the time we live like the farmer who lived month to month, harvest to harvest on his struggling-to-make-it farm, never knowing he had millions of dollars of oil under his crops. He was one of the richest men in the world, living like a pauper because he didn't know how to access his wealth. He didn't even know he owned it!

Come discover the wealth that is yours in Jesus Christ. 

I can't wait to dig for oil with you!

Who's in?


Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

I honestly don't have time for a book study right now, but I wanted to just pop in to say that I've missed you too! I was just thinking about you the other day, wondering where you had gone, so it's nice to see you back. I'll be reading!

Anonymous said...

I bought this book a few weeks ago in order to do the study but then I read it ahead of time. I loved it but felt God was asking me to pass it on to my 26 y.o. daughter. Praying God will reach her through what Renee wrote. Happy New Year everyone!


Welcome back, Lisa.


Melanie Mason Shannon said...

Can't wait to start this study. Going to try to do Made to Crave at the same time. Hope I can keep up but I know God has good no great things in store. So thankful he brought all you into my life. Have a great week Lisa and God bless!