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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Again, Daddy, Again

"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change."--Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta

Do you have a part of your heart that's locked away from the world? From everyone, including yourself? Do you let God in those secret places?

This morning I asked God to let me see clearly. I prayed giving Him access to my innermost thoughts and beliefs. Praying like this can seem repetitious and humbling. I gave God all of my heart many years ago.

I just have a tendency to take it back. Snatch it out of God's hands and run. 

The result is I seem to struggle with the same junk. God heals me of my sin and then I find myself stuck smack dab in the middle of the old way of thinking before I even realize what I'm doing.

Today I read about Jesus healing a blind man in Mark 8. Jesus touches the sightless man and then asks him if he can see. The man says he sees people but they look like trees.

Jesus touches him again and the Scriptures say the man looked hard or intently and could see clearly.

I was reminded of my son, Palmer playing with his daddy.  Andrew tickles him until he can't breathe and when my husband thinks he can't take anymore, he stops. Palmer promptly take a deep breath and squeals, "Again, Daddy, again!" And Andrew tickles him some more. All Palmer wants is a second to catch his breath so he can play with his dad some more.

Sometimes it takes a second touch to see clearly. Sometimes we have to catch our breath so we can ask for more.

Today I asked for more. 

Then I opened my eyes and began to see clearly.

What about you? Are there areas you have been healed but may need a second (or third, or fourth) touch to see clearly? Leave a comment and I'd love to pray for Jesus to touch you.


Melanie said...

Very good insight, Lisa.
I was thinking of that same passage as I was out running in the dark one night without my contacts! Except I was seeing mailboxes as dogs and trees as men.

Mrs.Olson said...

Such great words !!
Before starting Bible college I wanted to make sure and approach every assignment with an honest heart. When the opportunity arose for testimony, I wanted to stand and share, but when that happened, my family was very upset with what I had to share. I have tried to explain that this process is about God healing me but maybe its about God healing them as well.

I dont know if that makes any sense but there is a lot of abuse and history that I want to move on from and I need God to show me and my family that He is ready to deal with it as well.

Thanks for the post. Yummy stuff !

Kathy S. said...

I love that story because it does speak of progression. Some things are healed instantly and some are in progression. It seems there is purpose in both. I have been asking God that I would have healing in my hands like Jesus, that my touch would be healing. We have so many needs...but I don't want to take anything for myself in that. I'd rather not have it than have it and warp it's use. He told me yesterday as I was talking to Him about that..."Kathy, in this society, there is so much of an emphasis on 'instant gratification' that my glory is shown more through the endurance of my people and my sustaining grace. There are times of instant healing to be sure, but also the progressive." {I can take that to mean soul AND body!}

God bless you Lisa, my prayer is that I will increase in my believing & receiving God's UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and nearness no matter how things are going... Thank you!

Keena said...

Thx for the reminder that some things take time. It seems like I struggle with the same things over and over. It's encouraging to know that God's timing is not always in our time.

Laura said...

This is such a good truth, Lisa. Sometimes the healing is a longer process, isn't it? Good words, my friend.

Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Nice post thanks for sharing..loves soraya

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

oh, how i love this post! it was speaking right to my heart right where i am at my friend. thank you!