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Monday, May 23, 2011

Utilize Grace

Beg for forgiveness. Receive grace. 

As in: I'm sorry but blogging during the May explosion has proved too much for me. Please forgive me. Thank you for your grace.

I promise to be back soon. I recorded a special vlog for you but can't seem to figure out how to upload it and don't have the time to click around just now. (grrrrr...) But I know you are extending much grace because you are the grace-fullest peeps I know!

Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. John 1:16

Visit my friends: (Somehow they managed to post during the May explosions in their lives. Which means they're really amazing women!)


Sonja said...

HA! That may be one of my favorites of these posts! Yep... we all need that grace every day... you've got it!


Mining for Diamonds said...

Hey, no worries, you know why? I wouldn't have been able to read every post everyday anyway! So it's all good!

Sandy Cooper said...

Ha! I didn't post at ALL yesterday. You will ALWAYS get grace from me, sista.

I love you and miss our banter. E-mail me or call me or something.