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Monday, May 09, 2011

The Replacements

Have you ever tried to stop a bad habit cold turkey?

I have.

I've also failed miserably at it.

Success is easier when we toss a bad habit but replace it with a healthy one.

About nine months before my cancer diagnosis, I quit caffeine including chocolate. After my diagnosis I quit all desserts.

It wasn't until a few months after my diagnosis, at which point I had totally indulged again, that I decided to replace the sugar and caffeine with something else.

Well, the caffeine wasn't too hard since you can get most beverages decaffeinated. But the sugar was another story.

I did some research, which consisted of asking other people what they used as a sweetener, e-mailed my favorite fitness buff and set out for my local health food store.

I had a list:
Agave nectar
Sprouted bread
Almond butter
Almond milk
Ground flax seed

There might have been more but I basically started here. I let them talk me into a few powders and supplements too. I shelled out the $160 and started getting healthy by replacing bad habits.

Now I get most of the "health food" items from my local grocery store and I don't pay near as much for them. I still buy random healthy food. Sometimes I like it: hummus. Sometimes I don't: Greek yogurt. 

But when I eliminate a food from my diet, I always try to find a replacement for it. The same goes with other habits like watching TV or shopping or picking my nails.

What are some things you've eliminated and how have you filled the space?

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Leah @ Point Ministries said...


For several years in my 20's and early 30's I developed a very bad habit of using profanity. I had a bad case of potty mouth! Once I began drawing back to Jesus and studying His Word, the profanity was replaced with godly speech. It was a beautiful by-product of spending time in the Word.

Sandy Cooper said...

I remember that conversation...I'm so honored to be your favorite fitness buff.

Melanie said...

Greek Yogurt with some stevia and strawberries or blueberries...YUM.
And you can add a squirt of Redi Whip for very little sugar.
Tastes like dessert to me.

Ryan and Melanie said...

we've replaced our cleaners with homemade, non-toxic ones.

great to "meet" you as well! this is my first visit here. what a beautiful, encouraging site.