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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love Extravagantly

I read this today.

Unconditional love in baking in my house puts me more on the receiving end than giving. But that's a story for another day. And I did supervise the making of 30 eyeball cupcakes last week. (Pic coming) (Pray I find my cameras. Yes, that's plural.) But this post is not about baking. It's about love.

After reading this, I am suddenly filled with the overwhelming desire to go way out of my way to make sure my kids know they.are.loved. And because I'm challenging myself to do "one better," I'm going to take on the super challenge of making sure my hubby knows it too.

I am committing to doing one act of random extravagance for my peeps this week.

Will you join me? Tell me what you did/plan to do... I need ideas!
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Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, Lisa! That was so sweet! And I so needed uplifting today. My 80 year old aunt and I hosted the shower for my niece. The day before her dr's assistant called to say she had had a heart attack a long time ago but nothing to worry about (at 4 p.m. on a Friday with no dr available to explain) - so all torn up, we loved our way through that shower, just thinking the whole time about loving our (great) niece). Then yesterday morning they called saying she could die at any moment and needed to get to a hospital. She's having a heart cath today. My aunt is widowed with no children - and she's like a mom to me. Your comment about my post was like a hug. Thanks so much!

Jen Ferguson said...

One random act of extravagance. I need to think about that. What can I do to make them feel THAT love. I'll get back to you on some ideas!

Mindy said...

Baking is always well received here! As are back scratches, playing catch in the yard, and organizing mail/receipts in advance for my hubby...a small thing, but seems to be his love language :)

Thanks for your thought-provoking posts...they have been an encouragement!

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Oh, mine was easy. My middle daughter had her wisdom teeth removed last Friday. By Sunday night she was starving, so she asked me to make "soft meat" like brisket. You can bet that I bought a brisket on Monday morning and cooked it up for dinner last night. With "soft" mashed potatoes and cornbread. All things my daughter could eat. She (and the rest of my family) was so happy!

Pamela said...

We're in international convention competition this week. Each morning I have been ironing my daughters outfits for the day -- one for music competition, sports and evening rally outfits. Just a little bit of help to make my daughter's days easier. Now I better think of something for my hubby.