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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ask for help

My heart’s cry since moving is, “Lord, I’m so lonely.”

I recently told my husband I feel like I’ve been at a yearlong cocktail party. I am having fun and meeting lots of wonderful people but I have to stay dressed up and I’m tired of wearing these heels. By golly!

Meeting people and knowing people are two entirely different things.

Don’t get me wrong. This new town of mine is filled with some amazing women. It just takes time to pour your heart out or call someone when you need help.

This past week when I was running late, I called friends. Twice. They grabbed my kids for me. Our neighborhood pool became a place of meeting with friends instead of a place where we try to meet friends. My house is full of other peoples’ children and my phone is gloriously full of their mommies’ numbers.

Hallelujah! I have a list.
Hallelujah! I have girlfriends.

The reason this is so incredibly historical is because I actually called two of these mommies to help me. With my kids. They said yes. I cheered in my speeding mom-burban. I did.

Help has arrived.

In the form of sweet girlfriends.

Praise God!

I might have enjoyed their friendship sooner… If only I had asked.

I’m praying for my new girlfriends today:
The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed;
those who help others are helped.
Proverbs 11:25

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing like making you feel at home than having friends who are like family - they help when you cry out! It wasn't until a year after we moved and my boys were in different schools that I finally found moms like that. God knows we need that kind of support - otherwise it would indeed be a lonely desert!


I am glad that you are beginning to make some friends. I think it is harder when you do not have kids at home anymore . . . they attract friends and you can meet the moms.

What a blessing you will be in you new neighorhood.


Sandy Cooper said...

Lysa Terkeurst once said to me in an e-mail that it's hard to connect deeply with women because we need to find other women who are running at the same pace.

That so nailed it for me! I have so many wonderful women in my life, but we are all running at different paces. Kids at different ages...husbands with different schedules...free time at different times of the day (or not much at all!).

Sometimes I just give up on the whole friend thing and say "later...next season." And other times my heart SCREAMS for intimacy with other women. Women who KNOW me. And I desperately search for that connection, e-mailing, calling and trying to put something on the calendar.

I so get you.

And for the billionth time...if we only lived closer.


Elizabeth said...

Praise God, indeed!