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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Secrets from the mom-burban

It’s a horrible feeling. To feel you’re losing a child. To watch awkwardness and shyness take hold of their maturing bodies. To see everyday conversations become weird and stilted. Slipping.

My head screams failure. My heart aches grace.

I choose to listen to the heart.

Praying for mom-ents causes me to do more than glance up and sigh a plea. Praying for mom-ents allows me to capture them. Even without realizing it.

Mom-ents: Conversations captured by God and put on a solid path. Some long and beautiful. Some powerful one word utterances. All change my child’s countenance.

Mom-ents are routinely captured in the stinky mom-burban, most holy of places. Daughter asks if she can borrow my iPhone to share a new favorite song. She shares. I get lost in the lyrics.

Mainly this line: I’m gonna give all my secrets away.

Thinking how this is exactly what God has called me to do. Share all my secrets to life with a hurting and confused world. Share the mystery of Christ with any who will listen.

On heavenly cue, Daughter Two interrupts and asks if this is a ‘Christ song.’ A divine discussion ensues as we hash out the ‘good’ and the ‘God.’ A teachable mom-ent is birthed where the divine and the dusty meet inside a stinky mom-burban.

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.
      The world and all its people belong to him. Psalm 24:1

This is yet another submission for a She Speaks scholarship. This time sponsored by A Holy Experience. Visit there, the lovely Ann Voskamp paints word pictures that take the breath away. You will leave her site changed. Promise.
Although, I just hit publish over at Ann's  and realize I have missed the deadline. I thought it was open until 9pm but it was 9am. **sigh** I'm choosing to listen to the heart that aches grace this day. Will you?
Linking to the Time-Warp Wife today to encourage mommies. Click picture to visit.


stephanie said...

I love how you call it the mom-burban. I drive a mom-olla (Corolla) LOL! Which right now, the back seat is covered in a gogurt squired out because my daughter decided she needed to take it shopping, and then sat on it, ick!!!!

And then on the way home as I was jamming, dancing, and singing, I got the reprimand...keep in mind she is 5..."Mom, stop it, you're embarrasing me" LOL!

Anonymous said...

The most amazing moments happen in my van! Jesus being born in a manger just proves that God works miracles and plants seeds in a m-van (or mom-burban).

The one thing that has helped me through trying teen times is reminding myself to see them as God sees them:) I imagine God knew we would struggle with out children's choices, just as He was probably disappointed in Adam and Eve's choices. You are not a failure. You are a parent raising children to make choices - it's just some of their choices have ugly moments.

I think your mom-ent was beautiful - girl beautiful. I kind of miss girl beautiful in the midst of boy-to-men-ness.

BTW, thanks for the encouragement:)

Kim said...


I love your mom-ent...as I read your post, I was thinking this would be a perfect entry for Ann Voskamp's scholarship...bummer on the deadline. (I missed two scholarship opportunities last week because I was off on the deadline...I just keep telling myself it is all in His timing.) Thanks again for the great post!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

My kids are teens and tweens and it is so hard to watch them grow apart from us..but I am comforted knowing that God already knows the end of their story. And someday I will have grandbabies to love on lol....

I host a parenting post link up on Tuesdays at http://www.multitaskingmama.com

Patti Hanan said...

My children are all grown now, and I can attest to the fact that Mom-moments are the most precious of all. Simple everyday moments spent with your children have eternal value.