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Friday, April 08, 2011

Pray it Forward Fridays

Lisa Smith Glad Chatter

Some living-beyond-cancer weeks are just hard. This week has been one of them. I've been corresponding with my new friend Carrie who is an artist in her 20's unable to paint because sarcoma has settled in her shoulder. Carrie is a fighter, determined to beat it, but still. My heart hurts.

I've also been corresponding with Brooke, a 17-year-old senior athlete recently diagnosed with breast sarcoma. Brooke is a brave young lady who is mature enough to notice something wrong with her girls and courageous enough to tell her mom she needs to see a doctor. Brooke is shuffling chemo and radiation appointments and anxiously awaiting surgery in between pedicures and shopping for prom. My heart hurts.

Sarcoma stole three young girls' mother, a beautiful wife and personal hero this week when my friend Jenny went to heaven. My heart hurts.

One of my besties, Kathryn  learned she has cancer yesterday. A single mom with two precious boys. I want to drive straight to College Station and hold her. I will very soon. All she wants is prayer. The kind of prayer I know. The 24/7 mountain-moving-life-giving-miracle-producing prayer. My heart hurts.

For a year I have wondered how to give it back. How to pay forward all that was given to me. I've had some ideas:

1. Raise a billion dollars for cancer research and helping ease cancer patient's burdens and start my very own 501(c)3 non-profit organization that puts on phenomenal fundraising charity event regularly.
2. Go get my doctorate in microbiology and find a cure for cancer.
3. Get a j-o-b at MD Anderson since it is such a place of hope for those touched by cancer.
4. Volunteer my time to help people doing all of the above.
5. Write a book and share my story to offer hope to others touched by cancer.
6. Pray as many prayers as were prayed for me in 2010.

While I can make strides toward certain of the above scenarios, I can make praying a reality. If I start now. And pray like mad for the rest of my lifetime. Starting today. Even in my post-radiation-funk-induced state, I can pray. 

And in relation to my post-radiation-funk-induced state, it is lifting! I woke up just a few weeks ago and my brain said to my body I feel like me! And I rejoiced. And I woke up a couple of weeks later in my post-radiation-funk-induced state once again and worried me wouldn't ever return. But thank God me is back. Taking it one day at a time. Even the hard days.

My desire is to pray it forward. All the healing. All the grace. All the love. All the provision. 

Would you join me in lifting Carrie, Brooke and Kathryn as we Pray it Forward on Fridays? Link up with your own requests. If you have a prayer button you'd like to post under my "Request Prayer" tab, leave it in your post and I will pick it up as a reminder to pray. Please take my new button to identify our Praying it Forward group and also as a reminder of what God has done! To be a part of Praying it Forward everyday, visit my Prayer Wall and sign up for a 30-minute slot once a week. 

"He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us." 2 Corinthians 1:4

And it just so happens today is World Cancer Day, so link up and pray it forward!

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Debbie said...

Oh how I relate to this post. My heart just hurts for all these precious ladies too. I will DEFINITELY join you in prayer.

How right you are too. Some days are harder than others, and some days I see glimpses of the old me, and some I realize the old me is just not there anymore. How grateful I am that I have the Lord by my side who continues to walk this path with me.

Have a wonderful day!


Rose said...

Love, love the new Glad Chatter. Praying it forward. Make sure I am on prayer wall.

MommaMindy said...

I loved your response. Yes, we can do other things in the battles against cancer, but sometimes when we DO things, we don't have time to DO the most important thing - PRAY! Beautiful reminders to pray for many going through similar struggles.

I really related to your thoughts about "me" returning. It's been such a struggle and I miss that person. It was even harder to hear my hubby admit I am not the woman he married, and he has had to make adjustments, too. By the grace of God, though, we can rejoice in the status of "New Improved Me!"

Melanie said...

Your new blog makeover is terrific! I'm lovin' it and lovin' you.

Andrea said...

Blog make-over is AWESOME! As always, you know I am storming the heavens with you.
Love, hugs, and prayers,

Sara G said...

Love the changes and love you! Praise God for all His blessings!

Mining for Diamonds said...

Beautiful blog and beautiful you!!!! God is using you mightily!!! I continue to stand amazed at His work in and through your life. He truly uses us to comfort others with the comfort WE have received. You have a unique position to bring so much into the lives of others. Bless you!!!

Ashley said...

Love, love, love the new blog! I also love the Pray it Forward Friday.
Lisa does everyone know how incredibly blessed they are to have you in their life? I know.
You are an amazing friend to everyone you meet...even those you never meet in person.
Praying for all and for cancer to just be gone.

Kim said...

Love Pray it Forward Fridays! O will continue praying for you and you work towards your goals.


It must be especially hard, as you know exactly what they are going through. I was able to support my sister through cancer. It is a joy to do.

Your new header is great.


stephanie said...

Lisa, what a beautiful post. Definately praying. I had a mole removed the other day that looked nasty and itched...and even the thought that it could be cancer had my mind realing and swirling in circles. You are so strong girl, keep leaning hard into the Lord, He sure does love His beloved daughers :)