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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sittin' in my stink

Backpacking through Joshua today with Amber.

We have just given a sweet new puppy a loving home. Rocket is bringing us all joy and fun and giggles. Puppies bring giggles. We love our Rocky.

During the ten-minute discussion over a new dog, I voiced my only two conditions: small dog and forever kennel.

You see, I have puppy experience.

Rocky’s big sister, Foxy has a kennel. It is the one Rocky now uses. We let Foxy quit using her kennel after a few months because she was house broken.

Tiny teeth promptly chewed my new couch. We've had other puppies too. I even returned one puppy to the breeder when she chewed my kitchen floor. I was so relieved to be rid of the burden, I didn’t even ask for my money back. True story!

I said never again. But I relented. Because of the kids. And Rocky’s sweet face.

That same sweet is not enough to worm his way out of his kennel because that little three-pound fur ball is capable of making big messes. Or at least surprise messes.

Waking up in the morning to smelly dog isn’t very fun. But neither is putting Rocky in the kennel later in the day only to discover a big stinky. Or getting down on your knees and getting up with yucky nastoid on your knee. True story. The stench can be overwhelming. And that was my daughter's knee. That’s why I can’t let Rocky out of his kennel. 

Rocky is slowly getting house broken. He has learned not to potty in his kennel most days. Sleeping in his kennel is training him to act like a big dog. But sometimes he still has accidents in his kennel. Even though he knows he doesn’t like it. Then he has to wait for me to come, clean up his mess and wash his little body.

The other day, I realized how much like Rocky I am. God gives me boundaries, instructing me how to live. He tells me not to cross certain lines. I know I won’t like it when I do.

I try to worm my way out of the rules all.the.time. because I don’t like feeling stifled. I  justify my behaviors, tweak God’s rules to fit my desire and sometimes mess up and have to sit around in my stink waiting for God to rescue me.

Just like Achan.

God gave Joshua instructions. The Israelites obeyed Joshua and followed the rules. For awhile.  Then one man got a bit stifled. He decided to keep some stuff that was going to be thrown away anyway. It was just trash. Really good, pretty trash. 

But not to God.

He decided to sit on it in his little tent. It started to stink. It wasn't long before everyone smelled it.

A small infraction hidden. A little trash buried under a tent caused a big stink. It affected the whole camp. An army was defeated. Men died.

All because of a little stinky.

They've broken the covenant I commanded them; they've taken forbidden plunder—stolen and then covered up the theft, squirreling it away with their own stuff. The People of Israel can no longer look their enemies in the eye—they themselves are plunder. I can't continue with you if you don't rid yourselves of the cursed things…On the other hand, if we admit our sins—make a clean breast of them—he won't let us down; he'll be true to himself. He'll forgive our sins and purge us of all wrongdoing.  Joshua 7:11-12 & 1 John 1:9


Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Wow! What a wonderful analogy for what happened to the Israelites. I don't think I'll ever forget it. :)

Good luck with that new puppy. Just reading your story brought back some not-so-fun memories for me. Never again, indeed!!!

Stacey said...

Questions or not, Lisa, you have such a beautiful gift to taking an OT story and giving it REAL WORLD meaning. I love it! You are a blessing, Sister. So grateful to be on this BTJ journey with you. Keep it coming!! I am always excited to see you at camp!

Kim said...

Great job bringing real life to a lesson we all need reminding of...

Enjoy your puppy!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Those boundaries and rules are so very much for our GOOD!! If only we could understand that and really live into it.

Great post. Love Joshua.

Anita said...

You've given me something to ponder today. I have to match your words, inspired by God, to my actions and see what I come up with. :)

EnJoy your day.

A puppy is just like a baby, isn't it. Hang in there. :)

Sandy Cooper said...

OK...love this too. I don't have a dog. Don't do dogs for all the reasons you mentioned. But I do have kitties. And I am re-doing the kitty thing after swearing I would never go back.

Anyway...the dog seriously chewed THE FLOOR?