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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In the name of fair play

Hunter with his game ball. He really was proud.
We've had quite the two week baseball run!! Palmer's game ball. Hunter earned the game ball last week! He hit his first homerun, another good hit that could've been a homer but hit the pitching machine and he was held to first and made a really great out at first base.

The sad thing in all this is I missed the end of both those games. I had to run other children other places. You know it's impossible to be two places at one time! I did see Palmer's famous play but missed the game ball huddle.

I had to leave Hunter's game to run a girl to volleyball practice. Anyway, I told him last night he'd just have to hit me a home run. And he did!!! It was so exciting. He had to slide into home under the catcher's glove to be safe. And he did!!! He's making a quite a name for himself.

I love baseball!
 Thrilled to be catcher.


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Fun!! Congrats to the boys!!


I have been able to cheer (loudly) when my nephews hit home runs, but I can't imagine how fun (and loud) it would be to cheer your own son on. My sister has 3 boys in lots of sports and she goes - rain or shine - to cheer her boys on. I deeply respect that.

Bet it was a great mom moment, Lisa.