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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Get clicky and win!

Tyndale giveaways rock because they always give away a ton of Bibles!! I love it!! I just got this email so go get all clicky and win something. Come tell me which book you want and if you win, come back later and let me know.

Here’s the latest exciting thing:
In honor of Tyndale launching its new book club enewsletter they’re running a 30 day giveaway on our website. The Book Club Hub Newsletter will be an email newsletter geared towards people who are in or are running book clubs. (Which I know a lot of you are.) It will feature suggestions, discussion guides and great ideas for your book clubs. You can see a preview byclicking here.
To enter the giveaway you just need to visit the contest page and click on the book you’d like to sign up to win. You can even go back and sign up for both books. Each day is a new giveaway so you can return to the site each day and try to win. Every few days the books change, so check back!
Here’s how you can help:

Happy clicking!


Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

Lisa Bisa, You're connected to my hip when I walk into my oncologist's office which was again today...and last week. Checking wacky thyroid levels.

Praying for you Isaiah 40:4 as always---may He lower the mountains you face and raise up those valleys that He may be glorified through you. He so is!

So, I'll click my way on over...and thanks so much!
Love you so! Bev

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

I clicked to win Rivers'
The Daughter's Dream!

Would so love to have the
ESV Study Bible if you ever see them offering that one.