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Monday, February 28, 2011

Many Hats

Because we wear so many hats each day.

This weekend we decided to get away. 
Mommy and wife is the only hat I wore.

We had such fun playing, we wanted to stay.
We let down our hair and got a little wild.
Collected lots of beads and great big smiles.

And came home with a giant-sized little bitty surprise!

Meet Rocket "Rocky" Smith.

Rocket is a chiapom, half chiuaua and half pomeranian. Who wouldn't love such a cute little thing?
Rocky is the rockstar of the house right now. Except when he cries until 3:30 in the morning.
Any advice on making a puppy love his kennel would be muchly appreciated.


Loving Our Littlest Langhoff said...

Oh Kennel Training...For the first week we kept her in our room so she could feel secure that we were there and then we just had to leave Abbey in her kennel in her laundry room and let her cry - we kept it positive, no negative commands, so that she would not have anxiety about her kennel. Since young puppies really can't hold their bladder that long, we set two alarms in the night to go take her outside until she was a little older. At some point, we just let her sleep through the night and have accidents in there because she learned VERY quickly that she did not want to have accidents in her little house. I hope this helps! Rocky is just precious!

Cindy said...

That looks like a FUN day...Good for you!!!!!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What a fun day!! Looks like ya'll would fit right in at Mardi Gras. I bet it was a blast.

Rocky is so cute. Good luck housetraining him.


Anonymous said...

Ticking clock in a sock( wrApped in a blankie) sounds like mama's heart to them and helps sometimes...
giving her something to kee[p her busy in there...like a little puppy kong filled with her kibbles or something like that... or something frozen so it takes a long time to lick...like yogurt popsicle in there...spoon it in, freeze it and give it to her to lick on ...

Emily said...

When we crate trained our dog, we gave him a treat every time he went in. It was never punishment, always a happy positive place for him. It didn't take long for him to love his crate. It is "his" space. He goes in even when he doesn't have to, sometimes to get away from his loyal "followers" (the kids.) We've had him for 2 years and he sleeps in his crate at night, and most of the time chooses to hang out in there when we are gone.

Rocky is adorable! :)

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! lisa, what fun! and that puppy is so cute! glad you all got away and had a play day! Happy:) Week!