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Friday, January 07, 2011

Sweet Nothings

A young college boy pursues a fellow classmate. She is a Jesus girl looking for her way.

He develops a schoolboy crush wearing his feelings on his sleeve. The Jesus girl loves the attention but his declarations frighten her. The intensity she sees in his eyes confuses her. Although she really likes the young man, he scares her. She knows that if he were to get to really know her, the light in his eyes would fade and his words of affirmation would stop. His words are but sweet nothings to her.

She doesn’t believe his sweet words.

This doesn’t stop him.

He brings her gifts, flowers and cards. He buys her favorite coffee during late night studying, her favorite diet cherry limeades when she sits on the lifeguard stand and her favorite frozen yogurt on warm summer nights. Sometimes she enjoys the treats. Sometimes the generosity makes her feel guilty. He still doesn’t know the real her. If he did, he would surely stop giving.

Guilt threatens to consume her and she retreats.

This still doesn’t stop him.

Each time she’s ready to try again, he is there. Waiting. When they graduate, he spends his entire college gift fund on a dream date. Just for her. A gesture she greatly appreciates. If only for a weekend, she feels special, beautiful and desired.

The pressures of a job and trying to succeed overwhelm her. She does not have the strength to keep up the fa├žade all day long and on evenings and weekends. She stops talking to the young man.

She hibernates.

He waits.

The now twenty-something Jesus girl is finally ready. She has experienced just enough Hope to believe that maybe someone could love her like this. Maybe He loves her like this.

She begins to reach out to her twenty-something friend. He is there. Still. Reaching back. She dares to believe some of his sweet nothings, hesitantly but hopefully.

They marry. It’s hard. The Jesus girl sees flaws in her husband-hero. Engulfed by the truth, he can’t save her; she dives into depression. Her husband waits. He loves her and continually speaks the sweet nothings. She listens for many years. Surely he will stop; this is the real her.

She turns to her Heavenly-Hero. She hears His sweet nothings whispered to her heart. She begins to see her man’s sweet nothings as a beautiful picture of Jesus’ love and his extravagance as a beautiful expression of His grace.

Yesterday the forty-year-old father surprised the weary mother with plans for a romantic getaway. As he whispered sweet nothings to her in a noisy lunch booth, the words brought life. She left the restaurant swiping silent tears. The sweet nothings no longer bring her fear. The extravagant gifts no longer bring her guilt.

And that’s a very sweet something.


Elizabeth W said...

And a very sweet story! Both of you are keepers and I thank God for bringing you together and growing your love for Him, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and each other and others... Keep believing those words and expressions of love 'cause I'm sure they are from our Father through him to you and you are a precious forever treasured gift from God to each other and many others, too! Glad you will have this special time together. What a way to brighten your day!! Made me :-) too! Thanks for sharing!

The Newlyweds said...

Lisa...how very very special!! So glad you got to get away and enjoy your sweet husband! Love you!

Mining for Diamonds said...

Always love a good love story! Great pictures, too!

Trudy said...

Oh Lisa, such a beautiful and sweet story. Your getaway sounds wonderful. This brought tears to my eyes today.

Soak it up my friend!

Love you!

Big Fat Mama said...

So beautiful and so real and I hope you have an amazing time on your trip!!

Thank you for your prayers today, I really appreciate it!

Sonja said...

Precious and beautiful, Lisa! Oh those 'sweet nothings'... what a treasure they turn out to be! God shapes, conforms and changes. This is such a neat testimony.


CynthiaJSwenson said...

Beautiful Lisa! Thank you for reminding us of God's relentless love for us, and His grace.You are such a blessing to us.May we all continue to love others the way the Father loves us.