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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Shortening and Sharing

I got me some passion from the bloggy world yesterday. Passion plastered everywhere I tell ya.

I'm grabbing Melanie's advice and dividing my goals for 2011 into chunks. Quarter-sized chunks. I'll explain how I'm doing this later (and by later I mean hopefully tomorrow) but read about her chunky goals and be inspired.

For the last few months I've been pondering my passion. (Again to be explored at a later date.) Yesterday I read about Missy's. Her uber passion, mad popularity and crazy (but in a good way) self inspire and encourage me. Go get some.

While I was still soggy from reading about Missy's passion, I stumbled upon the Time-Warp Wife. First of all, Grandmother, Mom can you believe the shepherdess? The blog header is one of my favorite prints ever. My grandmother painted this scene in oil for me about fifteen years ago. I love it!

Then I realized Darlene is the co-author of Candace Cameron Bure's new book about her addiction to food, Reshaping it All. I've been dying to read this book since I heard about it. Anybody else love some Full House? Beautiful, vintage, trendy and painted with passion describe Darlene's site. You'll be as excited to "meet" her as I was.

Feels like a good linky day today.

Ponder your passion!


Mining for Diamonds said...

Thanks for sharing, Lisa! Passion has been on my mind lately too! I read Missy's post and it was a blessing. In fact, I think that is the blog I found your blog through last year, because of the "Praying for Lisa" button...but now I don't remember how I found HER blog, lol! Anyway, the words of my counselor ring through my ears and my heart often: "Pursue your passion, and provision will follow". I think that if I have a New Year's Resolution for 2011, it would be that. Can't wait to read about your dreams! :)

Big Fat Mama said...

Happy New Year! I pray God helps you find your passion from Him!

Darlene Schacht said...

Awe, so grateful and humbled by your mention of me. So glad that I found your blog today.