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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Precious Blessings

I had this message ruminating in my soul today, I mean all ready to go straight from my heart to my screen. Then I paused to read Sandy's words. You should too. I'll be back to share real soon. Today I'm reminding myself what's precious as I count my blessings.

The man I love.

Pretty Julia and my sweet nephew!
My boy has worked hard and been very patient to grow that hair!


Sweet Alyssa--Our Animal Angel

He tends his flock like a shepherd:
   He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart;
   he gently leads those that have young.
Isaiah 40:11


Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Yep, Sandy got to me today too. Need to write about that.

P.S. You have a Julia?! So do I!! (I don't call her that on my blog, though.) :)

Big Fat Mama said...

I read Sandy's blog, and I'm excited to read more about what you have more to write about too! Hope you have a wonderful day!

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Dear Lisa I was given a clean bill of health today after my colonoscopy and happy to share with all that God is good. Even if the news was not good God is. But I am so blessed to be in as good health as I am. Still praying for you each day. Love you dear mother and sista of mine.

Sandy Cooper said...


I LOVE the pictures you posted of your family. And thank you for linking to me. We need to just combine our blogs and take turns writing...No one would even know the difference, because we play so well off each other.

It encourages me every single time I have any contact with you whatsoever.

I love you....can't wait to see what you write next.


Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Isaiah 40:11 is the verse I repeat daily in this season of mothering young children - He gently leads me and His grace and mercies are anew each day.

What hope.

Leah @ Point Ministries said...


Thank you for 'stumbling' by over at The Point. I hope you found a bit of something to bless you. I've seen your face on many blogs and now have a message and a blog to attach it to.

I see you are going through a bit of a valley. I will be praying for you.....lifting you up to the Father who knew long before you knew about your current challenge.

God bless you and I hope you come back to visit!