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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crossing the Ocean

(I'm Backpacking Through Joshua with Amber and friends.)

I haven't had a chance to cross the Jordan with Amber and friends just yet. But I have remained knee deep in navigating an ocean of laundry.

Last week was incredibly crazy and even though I didn't even turn my computer on, I thought of you. Lots. If you are a regular here, I hope you'll be friends with me on Facebook. When life gets a little crazy, I can keep Facebook updated brilliantly. Sometimes.

Like a few days ago when my 36-year-old little brother was admitted to ICU for a severe case of pneumonia. He is finally out of ICU and in a regular room but still has a long road ahead of him. He has a wife and four children who need our prayers.

This week is looking even crazier around here. I hope to get my Joshua post up soon. Very soon and get back on the trail this week.

Happy Sunday!


Denise said...

loving you my sis, praying for your brother and his dear family. I love you bunches.

Mining for Diamonds said...

So glad your brother is doing better! Praise the Lord! Facebook is amazing, isn't it? And you're right, much easier to keep up with. If you have a chance (I know you're busy)stop by my blog post (dated Jan. 30, in case you're reading this later) to see a gift I have for you! ;)


Anonymous said...

You can't very well go backpacking when you have no clean clothes to wear.

Still praying for your brother and family. :)

His Girl said...

No rush, sis.... we'll see you when you get there :)

may God bless your brother and your family