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Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Life is moving at a break-neck pace over here and doesn't show any sign of slowing. I got the pumpkins put up but the tree is still in the attic. *sigh** I haven't done any shopping and laundry is still in full swing. My sis-in-law did take these fab family photos over Thanksgiving but making a Christmas card is lower on this list (Merry Christmas ya'll!)

Running fast has become a way of life for me and I gotta be honest, I do better with slow. I miss the few minutes of just sitting in my big leather chair in the study, on my back porch listening to the little waterfall we have or on my front porch in new-to-me wicker salvages with a glass of green tea and at my kitchen table drinking coffee. I like slow because lingering is where I hear God's voice.

Slowing down allows His whisper to blow through my soul. When I'm running around, the whisper doesn't really slow me down I'm sad to say. But when I wait and look and listen, I can see God's movement and hear the still, small Voice. In the lingering moments, I am encouraged, enlightened, empowered. And I need those things to obey.

Busyness leads me to say, "Later," to God and when I take the time to really slow down and think about that, it grieves me. Deeply. Brings me to tears. This morning I am setting my resolve to linger a little more this holiday season. I am determined to linger in God's presence because isn't that what we are gearing up to celebrate anyway? Emmanuel, God with us, coming to earth.

So today take the time. Stop right now wherever you are and listen for the whisper. Look for the wind of God's movement in your life. Take the time to be encouraged and step out in faith.

He blesses and protects

   everyone who runs to him...

Our God says, "Calm down,

   and learn that I am God!

   All nations on earth

   will honor me."

 The LORD All-Powerful

   is with us."
Psalm 2:12 & 46:10-11 CEV


Trudy said...

Oh Lisa, how I needed to read this today. It hasn't been so much physical running for me, but mental running with everything happening in my life and marriage. I haven't lingered in a very long time and am so lost.

I pray that you will find that time for yourself too.

God bless you, my friend!

Deborah said...

Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to check in to say hi. Your family picture is beautiful. It's OK just to do nothing. Last year, I was so stressed about family matters...my husband cheating on me, again...I only put up 1/2 the decorations. I don't think anyone noticed or cared, just me. Yes, he is still here, in the guest room. Stressfull, yes. But last night, I just sat with my new granddaughter for three hours and did nothing...I'm thinking what I could have done, but that's OK. If it doesn't get done and no one else helps out, then so be it! My kids are little older than yours, 19 & 15..
Well, enough of me. Please take the time and take care of yourself..
PS Please keep Penny in your prayers. She is going for an echocardiogram..her EKG is not normal..She will go in on December 7th. I'll keep you posted. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

Stacy said...

How true it is.....lingering in HIs presence. Being still to listen and being obedient to His voice. That is where our heart and life is molded and renewed. Where intimacy is strengthened and love cemented.

Thank you! And what a beautiful picture of your family.

Much love in Christ,

PS...thanks for your prayers and adding me to your sidebar. I use all the prayers ushered before God's throne of grace and mercy. I just finished my last chemo today!! Yeah....it was quite the celebration.

Debbie said...

This was such a good post, and it is soo true of course. To linger in His presence is one of the most TRULY valuable things we do with our time hopefully everyday...so why is it that sometimes it is the first thing we postpone? Your words here are inspiring. The picture of your family is just precious. I love it. HUGS, Debbie

Gigi said...

This is the season of "rush, rush, rush!" Your post is a timely reminder to STOP the madness and listen for His voice! xo

Christiana said...

My sweet friend (not a bad one at all), thank you for checking in.

I'm hoping you will find small moments of stillness today, enough to nourish your soul - that you may then be able to pour even more effectively into your precious kiddos.

Love you sister.


B His Girl said...

What a great family picture! Just wanted to say hi. We all need to linger in the goodness of God so we can spill some on others while we are running around. Blessings, b