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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Surprise! My First Vlog

Today is a very special day. In honor of you, some very special people, my first vlog. Join our celebration!
I love you my bloggy friends and family!
With birthday love and 40 hugs!

PS Special thanks to Andrew's ability to get turn this video into a vlog!!! Sorry for the uncenteredness of this vlog and sorry that me talking is not half as exciting as a 5th Smith baby would be (see previous post's comments). Smiles to you all tonight!


Stacy said...

Love this post. So loved to hear your voice and share with you in communion. Happy, Happy Birthday. Yes, God has given you life. Another day, another week, another year! I, too, love that verse in John 10:10. He desires for us to have abundant life each and every day.

I loved the way the light was coming through the blinds in your video. What a beautiful picture of our life in Christ. He floods in and shines His light upon us, filling us with His Holy Spirit and holding us with His righteous right hand.

May God give you many days ahead. I pray your day with sweet, and celebrated large.

Thanks again.

Much love,

Debbie said...

Oh I LOVE these vlog's...So fun to put a voive and a personal view to a fellow blogger. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Yes I join you in sharing your joy in for your Savior and God and the life He has given you both spiritually and here on this earth...Soo much to celebrate. May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you now and always! Much love, Debbie

Sandy Cooper said...

I LOVED seeing this. I'm so glad you took this step in your ministry.

And the Off-centered-ness looked planned to me. Sort of artistic. Like you wanted us to see the shadows of the trees blowing on the wall next to you. Don't aplogize. Just go with it, Girl.

You totally rock and roll.


Loren said...

Oh Lisa! You are beautiful inside and out! Happy Birthday! Celebrating Christ and celebrating YOU.

You have brought so much glory to the Lord through your life! I just praise HIM for all HE has done in and through you!

Pray your day was wonderful and you were spoiled by all those you love!

Bless you Lisa! Happy Happy Birthday ♥

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Lisa, Happy Birthday:), I loved this video! I was so blessed in my spirit by the Lord's supper that you shared! I have never thought to do this in my private time. Girl~ it touched me! Thanks so much for your willingness to do this for you never know who it may speak to!, and the little crackers w/ 5 holes, that was so sweet, never heard of this either! Hope and Pray you have a Blessed Day and please plan to do more of this! Love and Blessings~

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Happy birthday, Lisa! I know it's a very happy one for you. God bless you with many happy days ahead.

P.S. If you watch the video in a reader it's perfectly centered. Go figure!

Tea with Tiffany said...

What joy it brings me to hear your sweet voice and celebrate your life with you. Thank you for sharing communion with us as a public way of acknowledging our Lord Jesus. Our life.

I so appreciate who you are and I pray I will have the blessing of meeting you face to face on earth.

You are loved by a girl in Colorado.

Happy Belated Birthday! The forties are the best!

Lane Blessing said...

Hi Lisa,
Your mom told me to watch this-I had no idea that you would indirectly talk about me. So glad my gift is continuing to give to you, and that my personal tradition is speaking to your heart and being passed on to others. God bless, Lane Blessing

Smelling Coffee said...

Happy, happy (late) birthday, Lisa! I celebrate your life with you!

Continued prayers for you all~

Sonja said...

Well how beautiful you precious 40 year old!

Sharing communion with you this morning brought tears Lisa. How I thank God for your teestimony and for His healing in your life!

HAPPY 40th!!!