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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Silent Treatment

I'm not exactly on speaking terms with my blog these days. Some where, some how, some way the blog called Glad Chatter starts giving me the silent treatment. Whenever I visit words elude us. I thought it best to give her a little room and let the stress fade away and all. I've always been a fan of healthy boundaries so it seems like a logical choice.

I look forward to the week of fall break we have over the Thanksgiving holiday. One whole week of summer-like routines minus the heat. Okay, God, please give us heat or at least the sun. My children don't do well cooped up for a whole week and heavens, what would that do their mama? Maybe the world will slow down enough by then so I can spend some quality time talking to my blog. But until then just expect surprise here at Glad Chatter. Pictures, words, silence, gifts who says variety is boring?

Tomorrow I'll be hosting a really fun give away. So don't give up on me because you might miss a free gift. And gifts, everybody loves gifts. Right?


Denise said...

I love you sis, enjoy your break, keeping you in my prayers.

Trudy said...

We all need breaks once in a while Lisa...enjoy yours and we will happily await your return!


Sandy Cooper said...

Take a break. You are the only person I know who had cancer and blogged ALL THE WAY THROUGH IT!!!!! Unbelievable. You must be exhausted.

We will all be here when you return. Seriously.


Tea with Tiffany said...

A break is good. I've been hovering with few words on my blog lately. I think God must be doing something in the silence. He always is, right?

Love and hugs

Melanie said...

It happens. Frustrating when it does though.