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Monday, October 04, 2010


There are just some weekends you don't want to forget.

This was one.

Julia had a slumber party for her eleventh birthday! The girls dressed in 80's gear and headed to a party and concert at our church. They had a blast. We had such a good time. She has made such great friends here in such a short time. My BFF Ashley came to help and we just had a really good girls' weekend.

Andrew took the boys on a fishing trip. Just look at those faces! We ate their yummy catch for dinner last  night. Our dinner table conversation was about how little Palmer got seasick. (Boo!) His version of the tale was quite entertaining.

It was fun but I'm super glad to have my chicks all back together.

My closet is straightened up and all I need to do is organize my jewelry a little better. So much progress in so little time.

I worked on my desk by setting up all my bills for our new address online. So much easier to pay bills! I'll work on the filing this week.

And then I think I'll have to tackle the pantry. UGH! I may even have to invest in a label maker to get all officially organized and everything.

I'll post pictures tomorrow. You can praise my closet efforts and give me your best pantry-organizing tips.

Happy week y'all!

1 comment:

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing sis, love you.