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Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday Thoughts

First of all, I know you are all creative types because there was not one single comment on how I should have sorted my clothes by color. haha I would love to do that but it seems a bit overwhelming this week. As does my pantry.

This was the day that hearing the alarm clock ring each day at 4:52 caught up with me. I made a snap decision to stay in bed because my husband was awake and I wanted to talk to him. Where it was warm. Just a few seconds later I got a text from my friend saying she was staying warm this morning too. So it all worked out well.

For a bit. You see, I kept my nightgown on under my sweatsuit this morning. Anybody else ever done that? So that when the house got quiet again I could take a nice, comfy nap. Well, as soon as the house got quiet Palmer got up for the day. I tried to take a cat nap but my layers of clothing were too uncomfortable. Maybe leaving the gown on wasn't such a good idea.

Palmer wasn't really about Mommy napping so he decided to take pictures of me with my cell phone which resulted in a phone call. (Hi Charlotte!) So we watched a little Dinosaur Train and in a jiff I was up making peanut  butter and jelly dinosaur shaped sandwiches.

I resorted to drinking coffee this morning and I'm wondering if the decaf will trick my  brain into functioning. Any thoughts?

I hope so because it's homecoming here in Montgomery and we have small town Texas football at its finest. My girls are wearing mums today and my boy a garter. I'm off to the local Walmart to find some spirited apparel so we can cheer our pants off tonight. We start tailgating at 4:30 so we can get a parking spot up the road. My kids are insanely excited and I'm looking more than a little forward to enhancing their tailgating experience. I'm thinking cupcakes and Neil Diamond should do the trick. Can can I get a Texas-sized Amen?


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Lisa, will try again to leave a comment. For 2 days it's acting up! But anyway happy to hear from you! closet looked good! Girl you do have a lot! I think it was more than mine, when I cleaned out my closet! It was work; and you have to stay on top of it cause those clothes just jump off the hanger and dis-organize themselves! Ha-Ha! But anyway I Love Niel Diamond, haven't hear his music for a long time. Hope you have a Happy:)tailgating party and a wonderful "Fall" wk-end!! Blessings:)

Anita said...

Here's your Texas sized:

I envy your sleep-in pajama day (or morning). Good for you!

Enjoy your weekend!

Denise said...

Hope your weekend is awesome sis, love you.

B His Girl said...

Sounds cozy Lisa. There is beauty in the every day stuff. Oh to wear a mum again! Hope it was fun. b