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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Closet Randomness

Here are the closet pics you've all been waiting for...


I didn't even have to buy anything. I just got rid of three trashbags of clothes I don't wear anymore and suddenly everything fit. The donation truck came Friday and I was so thankful they took the stuff away and gave it to those who need it!

Here are some better slumber party pics just because the girls are so cute and had so much fun.

 And, finally my huge, only-place-to-store-a-variety-of-stuff pantry. I know the basics: group like items and label shelves. But does anyone else have a gigantic pantry and how do you organize it? I'm pretty visual so if you have glorious pantries, please share and leave a link in the comments. I'm pretty lost in the kitchen anyway so this is completely overwhelming to me. I can't find anything when I go to cook and things are constantly getting shuffled from shelf to shelf. I need a workable system and maybe a friend to help me. At least it's always more fun that way!!

Can't seem to get my pics in order but help me celebrate with great ideas!!


I can't wait to hear your pantry ideas!!


Anita said...

I'll bet the slumber party was fun for the girls! We've had our share. Did any of them have the slumber party hangover the next day? :)

I have a small pantry in my kitchen, and a larger one near my family room. In the kitchen, I invested in the lazy Susans (I guess that's what they are called). Anyway, the round disks that spin around. I put all my can goods on them and most cans can be stacked in twos. The lazy Susans also come in the double decker type, too. Not cheap - about $6 each, but will last many years and are worth more organization.

In the larger pantry, I use plastic bins for craft items, batteries, games (large ones), etc.

Good job on the closet!

Melanie said...

I need to do this. My pantry is small.

nancygrayce said...

When we remodeled our kitchen, I gained three huge pantries....they are all full with what I can't quite figure out and are anything but organized so I don't see me being any help!

I did organize one of them a while back and it looked great for about a week. I'm just cluttery by nature!

Brian, Steph, Jada and Kiva Lee said...

I was actually just thinking about how old Julia looks~ how the time flies. You inspire me...love to all of you!

Melanie said...

Great job!!! You are inspiring me to go into the great "black hole" of my coat closet! :) It's the one I just cram stuff in and shut the down REALLY fast so it won't all fall out! You did a wonderful job!


Andrea @ Unfailingly Loved said...

Nice work on organizing ... I bet you feel good! As for my pantry -- it is in a constant flux of re-organization. I've given up in keeping it perfectly neat -- just tidy here and tidy there -- or put one of the kids on a "paid" project. Hope that you are well!

Denise said...

Awesome job sis.

Sandy Cooper said...

Oh, I want to get my hands in that pantry. I'm an expert pantry organizer. I do it for fun. I did my friend's whole kitchen one afternoon...all her cupboards. I did my sis-in-law's one day while I was visiting and she ran out to do an errand.

I would take a pic...but I have no camera. Grrrrr.

Just remember, the pantry doesn't have to be perfect, because it's constantly changing. Food in, food out. Just make sure it makes sense to YOU.

I put all my chips on the top, because I don't want my kids to grab chips when they go for a snack. I also put all the stuff up there that I don't use often (like cake decorations)

I do all my baking stuff and pastas/rice/grains on the next shelf.

I do all my spices/oils/canned items and sauces on the next shelf (easiest to access because that's the stuff I use the most)

And all the snacks and cereals on the bottom shelf for easy access for the kids.

All the stuff in bulk, unopened juices, and large stuff goes on the floor.

And since you are visual, none of that probably made a bit of sense.


I love you.


B His Girl said...

You brave girl...sharing a closet pic. Nice job. Hope I get inspired to work on my scattered shoes. There is nothing better than a slumber party. Is this why you needed to keep your nightgown on? no sleep? ha b