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Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy Times

We had a full weekend. Andrew celebrated turning 40 by skydiving!! Yeah, my husband jumped out of a plane and didn’t leave me a widow so I celebrated just a bit too.

The skydiving place was so crowded and so busy it completely minimized the fact that people were jumping out of a plane. They took a plane of about twelve people every twenty minutes and we had to wait two hours. They said they were packed until after 7:00 that night and we got there at 11:00 AM. It felt more like waiting in line to ride a roller coaster at an amusement park. Weird. I’m still thinking on that one.

The comic relief happened on Sunday morning. We decided to go to early church because watching the Texans game was one of Andrew’s birthday activities. We actually did it. When we arrived at the church people were still actually going inside, the golf carts were still driving people to the door and we were a tad elated. This was the first time in history we have made it to early church before the sermon has started.

The giant golf cart stopped at our car and we all piled out of the car and onto the golf cart. Except the boys. Andrew called from the full-of-people cart, “What’s the problem?”

Hunter’s little head pokes out the back door, “Palmer forgot his shoes.”

The entire cart erupted in laughter. I even had a good belly laugh. Sometimes laughing at yourself (or your inability to parent) is the best kind of heart medicine.

Palmer was embarrassed. He didn’t want to get out of the car and kept whispering in my ear that he wanted to go back home. In his defense, his red and white football socks matched his red shirt really, really well. At home we had all commented on how great his socks looked with his outfit. You know, they could've been the purple spider socks that match nothing. So I wasn't really upset at all. He matched. Yaay!

It made me think back to raising three preschoolers while I was pregnant with Palmer. The girls never wore shoes. Anywhere. We were attending a small church at the time and everyone knew that the kids with no shoes were the Smiths. Funny how some rest and a few years not being eternally nausea and pregnant can give you a little perspective. In my defense it was summer and their flip flops were in my purse. They just always came off the second their little feet hit the carpet.

One of the ways I knew my children were growing up was how they just woke up and got fully dressed without complaining about it one day.

So it is true what they say. Your child will wear clothes, be potty trained, or (you fill in the blank) before they go to college.

"Don't you see that children are God's best gift?" Psalm 127:3a The Msg

Happy parenting!


daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

Dear dear Lisa, what a wonderful post. Full of joy and gratitude. Happy birthday to dear hubby. You sound so optimistic and of course, sharing the laughter is wonderful. Still praying, but visiting less. Just had retreat this week-end and I see mystic in you. Read my post if you have time. Blessings

Debbie said...

I enjoyed this post. Some good laughs. Anyone with multiple kids can sure identify. Being there on time was HUGE, haha...Blessings to you, Debbie

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Fun post, fun family : )
I am remembering yrs. ago my friend Barb, who had 6 children... one day at Church, her young one came walking down the long center aisle of Church with 1 sock & shoe on & 1 barefoot. I said Barb, "Adam lost a sock & shoe in nursery" She said, "No we couldn't find it at home, so we came that way" I still laugh about it... why not just come with bare feet... : ) she said she never thought of it : )
with that many kids, something gets lost in the shuffle... & it was just a sock & shoe....
Glad that Andrew had such a nice weekend...Happy Birthday to him!!

Andrea said...


Thank you for brightening my day!!

Please pray for my BIL, David. He is having chemo for Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia! Also for my sister/his wife, Courtney!


Sonja said...

HA! Oh I just love that... no shoes! Once I wore a black shoe and a navy shoe to church, never even noticed it till one of my kids told me!! :)

Denise said...

I really enjoyed this post, lol I love you sis.

Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

That is so funny because my son Will took off his shoes in the car while we were running errands. Between every stop. And each time he got out of the car with no shoes on and I had to remind him to please put his shoes on. I guess barefoot just feels better :)