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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Simply Satisfying

Simplify. One little word demands giant choices.

Simplify is the word that was chosen to sit beside my name. I longed for believe, faith, love or peace. Simplify is what was given. An invitation God offers.

Where I feel overwhelmed He reminds me it needs to become simple. Where I am tired, fatigued, stressed out He commands me to make it simple.

Reading the word decides a decision we prayed about for months. My daughter loves soccer. I know God has a calling on her life with sports. She plays naturally. Not just soccer but sports and games in general.

We must spend lots of time in the car to get her to soccer practice in our new town. Her team practices long and these practices stress the whole family. Simplify means not this season.

Sunday morning I glanced up during the sermon to see the words Simple is More Satisfying dancing before me. Our pastor is teaching a series on the simple life. Laughter erupts from my soul during the sermon when I realize God has indeed called us to a simple season.

Stress, fatigue and burden surround me this week. The Lord speaks one word. Simplify. I scratch tomorrow’s meeting so I can prepare for the weekend. I forgo the trip to the gym and hop on my treadmill. Dinner goes into the crock pot and my son crawls into my lap.

Stress, fatigue and burden leave my heart as I realize simple is truly more satisfying.

“A plain and simple life is a full life. … A simple life in the Fear-of-God
   is better than a rich life with a ton of headaches.” Proverbs 13:7b & Proverbs 15:16 The Msg


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Lisa, Love this today! The scriptures are awesome. this is the one thing that I crave in my spirit is simplicity of Life! Love it. And only just you and God can create it, the world will not do it for me. Thanks for sharing this I needed the refresher:)

Diana said...

A great post!

Stacy said...

Love all things simple! Thanks for this post. I've heard the saying before...busy...Being under Satan's yoke. How we can easily get trapped in that place. Here, here to simplicity! May we all embrace it.

Denise said...

Amen, wonderfully said.

Emily said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

I love this post! We've been trying to re-evaluate our schedule, our stuff, our family life as a whole and trying to figure out how we can best glorify God with who we are, and how we live, with what we have. Your post completely spoke to where we are right now and is making me think and pray even more.

My Army Brats and Me said...

It was great to meet you at she speaks. Just wanted to see how you were doing.


His Girl said...

*throws arms up as she crosses the finish line* I am all caught up on your blog!

For me, simplify has meant less time blogging, reading blogs, volunteering... and so, I can totally know how hard it is to put aside the 'good stuff' for the 'God stuff'- my family has been so much happier since I've committed to caring for our home and for them in less of a, well... frenzy.

I'm proud of you- I love seeing you grow in these recent posts- and I miss you girl- oh, how I miss you.

Also? Can I just confess how sad I've been that God said 'no' three years running for She Speaks? My heart pounds with a want to go and yet... I've gotten the call to 'wait' each time.

All that to say I'm glad you went, and that one of these days Imma pick up the phone and call you up and hear you tell me all about it.

love you, my super hero friend! I think of you each time I write in my special 'pow' journal! POW!

Melanie Redd said...

Simple... that sounds good.

We, too, have been seeking to simplify - cut some things loose, say "no" more often, and let go of some of the unneeded stress.

Thanks for the reminder to keep on keeping on with the simplicity!


BARBIE said...

I know that God is calling me to simplify my life. It's so hard sometimes to rid my life of the things that keep me busy. I am on a journey to simplification.

Deborah said...

Simple sounds good Lisa! Nice post :)

Big Fat Mama said...

Hi Lisa,
Randy Frazee has a book called Making Room for Life. He has 4 kids, grown now, and he felt the same feeling - the need to simplify. His book is about doing this.

He discusses things like working, either at our schools, jobs, homes until 6:00, and at 6:00 every one is done and just hangs out, goes out and visits with neighbors, ect.

He talks about dinners - how everyone goes around the table and discusses their day in detail, and dinner is not over until the dishes are cleaned. He said dinners in his house can last 2 hours.

He talks about less sport's activities and more time together as a family.

It's a great book. My kids are young now and we really haven't gotten into the hustle of extra activities, but we'll be there soon, and I was grateful to have read this book before we are there. If we lived closer I'd come on over and lend it to you. :)
Big Fat Mama

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hey! Lisa, just checking on you! Haven't heard from you, hope all is well! Have a Blessed Wednesday .

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

Oh Lisa how hard it much be to simplify your life and the lives of your entire family, but in the long run your health is the most important. Haven't been visiting much since am busy with Christmas gift making and sore joints. Blessings

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

love this reminder of what we need to be striving for. simply God's creation doing God's work.