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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Organizationally Challenged

I am organizationally challenged.

This week, just like most of the others, has had its interruptions. Take yesterday for example, I was pretty impressed with myself when by noon I had picked up the parts of the house on my list, dinner was simmering on the stove and I was completely dressed. Successful day, right?

One would think so, until we went to Wal Mart. While cruising the aisles at Wally World, I decide that since I’ve jumped on the organizing train over at Renee’s blog, I would buy this nifty under-the-bed organizing system. I would take half my closet, put it under my bed and solve all mu organizational challenges. I was super pumped. Dinner, make up and organization. What a day!

Then the afternoon happened. Nothing really over-the-top or spectacular occurred to rock my world. It was the day that just kept giving. Kids, homework, activities, friends, dinner, dishes, laundry, homework.

And that nifty organizational system that was gonna make my life spectacular? Didn’t even come close to fitting under my bed. I pushed and pushed and pushed. There’s no way it’s even wedging under there, folks. So I’m off to find another system that will solve my lack of domestic organizational skills.


I will post pictures of this closet chaos before I start. It may not be this week as I’m running on little sleep. This week is so busy I actually wrote the word, “breathe,” on my calendar next week!

I love how Renee said that we were created for beauty, peace and order because we are to be like God. For the first time I saw the relationship between my struggles and my surroundings on a different level. The Bible says that God does not like disorder but he loves peace.

I saw how disorder breeds chaos in my heart. When I thought of the disorderly places in my home, like my closet, my desk pile and my pantry, I thought of confusion, chaos and waste. When I think of having these areas organized I think of peace, order and efficiency.

I now have more than just desire to get these areas whipped into shape. I want to have not only a peaceful home but a peaceful heart.

For God is not a God of disorder but of peace. 1 Corinthians 14:33


Ashley said...

I am with you on being "Organizationally Challenged". I went to Renee's blog and committed to cleaning the piles in my bedroom that have multiplied. I will start this task tomorrow after a half day at work. Thanks for posting and know that you are not alone...I am with you and we will get organized together.

Denise said...

Me too sis.

KELLY W said...

Love your post! I committed to my nightstand or bedside table. It is a mess and the rest of the room is organized. One day my husband (when he was jobless) cleaned the bedroom and my nightstand! Boy was he in trouble! All night I kept asking where this was and that. Now he vows to never touch that table again. Hugs to all!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Lisa, welcome to my closet! After I quit work a yr. ago, my closet was my first challenge! And girl I will tell you, it was a Mess! I thought I would never get it done.Believe me it was a "several days" job. But Praise God I did finish, and yes it does make one feel better! Next job, is my utility room, OMG, what chaos it looks like. But I am determined to get this one done too; with God's help of course.So on to the next job, We can do it! I Love the scripture you used will practice it:) have a Happy wk-end.

Heather said...

Hi Lisa-you posted on my blog this morning and I was embarrassed! I'm a disorganized mom of 4 and can barely blog for my out-of-town relatives, let alone have strangers stop by! I'm good friends with Amy Tyner here in CO, so that's how I found you. It's funny how God makes people cross our paths! I really appreciate your honest posts and will definitely keep reading!