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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Link Love

I am still processing so much that happened at She Speaks. So much. I think I am going to pack some of you in my suitcase next year and take you. Some of my real life friends. Some of my blog friends. Seriously, there were some of you I couldn't help but think were made specifically for this conference. Some of you who have an unmistakable call and gift that must be shared! You will be hearing from me, my friends. I mean that.

Part of the most fabulous part of the conference was meeting women who "get" me. I was fortunate enough to be part of the most awesome speaker evaluation group. This group of ladies was the most incredible group. The one word that comes to mind when I think of them is brave. 

Each one stood up on trembling legs and shared. They shared stories of things that should never happen, much less be repeated. They shared stories of vulnerability that made me weep. They shared their stories for one reason. So other hurting women can see they don't need to stay shrouded in darkness. Speaking our secrets brings healing not only to ourselves but to others. I have no doubt that many will be healed through the triumphant stories of these ladies.

When I stepped off the plane, I met Shelly. Beautiful, bubbly Shelly. She has six, yes six, children. She's a farmer's wife, although she doesn't dress like one. She's a talented, funny and busy woman who I'd drive out to the country to hear speak or to get some fresh corn. I'm just sayin'. Shelly sure helped me to feel at ease walking into the hotel. Thanks, Shelly for being such a leader in our group.

Then there's Andrea. I'm not sure why I don't have a picture with Andrea. . . but I fell in love with Andrea when I first read her blog. She is kind and sweet and well, I just felt like I'd known her forever and can't wait to get to know her better.

Our group was led by Lynn. Lynn engages you instantly with her smile. Her larger-than-life personality energizes and inspires all she touches. She is working on her first book and has a dynamic ministry to teenagers.

Thank you to each woman who touched my heart with your courageous story and answer to the call. I know there are more blogs so if you stumble here, leave a comment so I can share the linky love.

He whose walk is blameless 
       and who does what is righteous, 
       who speaks the truth from his heart 
Psalm 15:2


Denise said...

Such precious memories you made sis, bless you.

Andrea @ Unfailingly Loved said...

Dear, dear Lisa -- thank you for your kind words and posting my link. It was a joy and an encouragement to meet you. The Lord is shining brightly through you, and I am confident that He is using you richly to draw others to Himself and reveal His love and glory to them. Keep up the good, Godly work!

Stacy said...

Love hearing of how God wove the lives of so many of you together for His purposes, His glory and a demonstration of His amazing love. Can't wait to hear more as you process through.

Anonymous said...

Come on, give us 'farm wives' a break...'doesn't dress like one"? Whatever is that supposed to mean? Please.

Shelly said...

Thanks so much for your comments!! And your praises! And your confidence-building compliments. I love you for it.

I totally "get" your comment about not dressing like a farm wife. To Anonymous above, 15 years ago I used to be an urbanite who went rural for true love and I now live in NE Nebraska 15 miles from the nearest town. I can tell you from personal experience that the urban of this world have a very stereotyped view of how us farm wives dress. I used to have it, and while lacking the truth about farm life I always swore I would never dress like a farm wife. I now realize that while there are indeed many farm wives who "look the part" there are even more who are as trendy and cute as the urbanite. I try to be one of them while maintaining my integrity, and i personally take it as a great compliment that Lisa believes I don't dress the part of farm wife. At least not at a fancy conference. At home in the calf pen, I wear jeans and mud boots. :) I took your words exactly as you intended Lisa, and I am both touched and boosted by them. Thanks, honey! :)

texasmcvays said...

Girl, I mean seriously to know you is to love you!!!Kyle

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daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

Oh dear Lisa, I lost you for awhile. I had to change the address of my blog and the exact addresses of my favs were lost and I had to search other blogs to find many of them. Would you be so kind as to come back and re-follow so I have you close again. I never stopped praying daily for you but I have you back up now. Blessings