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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Deer Standeth

As I was running today, I learned a lesson from this deer. Remember the lessons learned from the deer not too long ago?

Today, I saw one lone deer standing in the middle of the sidewalk in the heat of the day. The deer was slowly making its way across the street. The only way things move in the near 100 degree temperatures with an even higher blistering heat index and about 98 percent humidity is slow. Yep, it’s like running in a sauna.

Anywho, this deer was standing right in my path. As it turned its head slightly, it caught sight of me and took off running. I saw the split second deer in the headlights look and then bam! It took sprinted into the woods. I use the word sprint because it was about fifteen feet that the deer had to cover to get just inside the tree line. It was more like a leap, really.

I slowed down (remember, hot, humid, need reason to slow down my run even further) and peeked into the wooded lot. The deer was about three feet inside the trees standing still as a statue. The deer had literally just leaped to a spot where it could camouflage itself from anything it considered harmful and stood still waiting for the threat to pass.

I immediately thought of this verse. “I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.” Psalm 57:1b

Isn’t that how God calls us? He calls us to slide just out of harm’s way under the shadow of his wings until the disaster has passed. As I continued to read this verse, it struck me how His protection is unfailing. His faithful protection of His people is so that His purposes will be fulfilled, so that people will see, know, hear of His love.

Won’t you be like the deer today? Hide yourself in His safety until the storm passes whether it’s a cancer diagnosis, a stormy marriage, a missing pet or the pile of brand new back to school clothes you just dropped a little ball of cash on wadded up under your child’s bed that make you want to scream how totally unappreciative they are. I’m just sayin’.

Hide yourself until you can leave the trouble in God’s protective hands and praise Him in your response to trouble. And, if you have a little trouble you’d like for me to pray for with you as you hide, leave a comment.

Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me,
 for in you my soul takes refuge.
 I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings
 until the disaster has passed.
I cry out to God Most High,
 to God, who fulfills {his purpose} for me.
Psalm 57:1-2


Denise said...

Bless you sis for sharing such mighty scriptures, so comforting. I love you.

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Always Blessed when I visit you here, Lisa... Thanks

Andrea said...

AMEN! Great analogy/lesson! THANK YOU for always speaking to my heart. I am always blessed when I come by here. Sorry, I have been MIA, lately. I have not forgotten about you. It has been crazy, here.

Nana's Nuggets said...

Good Morning Lisa:), This post was wonderful! Needed to hear it this morning. yes! please pray for my son in regards to an attact from Satan in regards to his job as a police officer! It seems in the last few wks. Satan has really attacked Police officers, as my other son has just been relieved of charges from a "malicious ex-wife attack!(PTL). Anyway theses chgs. can result in losing their license, as well as their career. Police officers can come under attack and really don't even know why, it seems that "the world" is constantly looking for something to bring upon them. My boy's have been officers for a long time and have never had to go thru what is happening now! Thanks for Praying for Him! Love and Blessings for your concern!!

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Lisa... stopping in again (Thanks for stopping by :) My "In Everything gives Thanks" was about $150 a few yrs. ago (a gift) but she just sold part of her business to Enesco & you can find them smaller & I have seen them in Hallmark stores for around $20, I think.
I love to leave subtle messages for clients :)
(Carol's husband was our former pastor..so we love to have some of her art)
(I sit in a hotel room while husband is in business meetings.. so thankful for laptops... doing some catching up in the blogging world :)
Have a great day!!!

Tea with Tiffany said...

Animals in nature speak to me so much. There is truth revealed all around us, I'm so glad you are looking and listening, Lisa.

Much love and hugs,

Sandy Cooper said...

OK...My spiritual comment is this: I got chills when you quoted that scripture. What a powerful way for God to speak to you--with a visual AND a reminder of His Word.

My stupid comment is this: How scary you must have looked all running and sweaty in 100-degree, 98% humidity weather that you would be the "disaster" in this illustration.


You bless me so much,
Love you.

Together We Save said...

Wonderful post & a lesson to us all.

Melanie said...

Yes! Pray for my family...my children...my son especially. I need God's intervention.

Jan said...

Hi Lisa :) I've been MIA recovering from surgery, which has proven to be a tad bit more difficult than I originally bargained for. God is good tho and I'm slowly but surely feeling better.

I've read all of your posts that I missed and I am soooooo happy that your scans came out so well!!! I will be sending up prayers of Thanksgiving :)

This whole Cancer thing can definitely do tricks to your mind and all around general well being. It's like a stalker that follows you around everywhere you go; but I have to believe that God has chosen this journey for us ... for what purpose, I'm not sure; but I am ready to accept whatever will He has for my life. All I know to do is to accept the love He has so graciously surrounded me with and use all the wonderful resources He has given me. Will I be successful??? I'm not overly sure at this very moment, but I know that He will walk the journey with me just like He has obviously walked it with you :)

Your posts are beautiful my dear!!! Please keep them coming because they are very good for my soul :)


Anita said...

Good analogy Lisa. I could visualize while reading.

Thank you for thinking of me and your other readers. A general prayer for peace, health, love, joy, humility, and prosperity is much appreciated.

I pray it for you, too.

(I can relate to the "school clothes" story.) :)

Teresa said...

Oh Lisa, I am stopping by from my very first Little Ones to Him Belong Wednesday and I came across your blog tonight for the very first time. I have read a little about your journey. I am in tears and in awe of your motherly spirit.

I have added your blog button and a link to your page on Forever Playing With Angels.

kratosellas said...