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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sometimes You Hear and Sometimes...

Driving down the road, I hear the phone inside my purse ring. Trying to stay focused on the road, I don't answer it. It rings again and again and again.

I finally ask my daughter to dig for it and answer it. It's my husband asking where we are. I answer, exactly where we're supposed to be, almost at your office. He replies that my daughter was supposed to be there thirty minutes ago.


That's not what I heard. I heard him say it would work beautifully into my schedule to drop her off on my way to church. I was dropping her off on my way to church.

He heard me say I was leaving at 5:10. I decided to leave at 5:50. The class they were taking together started at 5:30 which works perfectly with a 5:10 departing time from the house. I changed my schedule because there is less traffic at 5:50 and it takes me less time to get to the church.

Needless to say, we had a communication bumble. He and my daughter were late. I hadn't heard all that he'd told me. We decided then and there I needed all the details of a particular commitment instead of just a couple. Has this ever happened to you? You mess up because of something you didn't know or notice.

I was reading the Bible this morning with this mentality. I was asking God to fill in the gaps. I don't want to miss anything because I didn't hear.

For example, why did Jesus tell John to care for his mother? The scriptures say after Jesus died, Mary moved in with John and lived with him. Mary had other sons. I'm really curious.

And, Nicodemus who only visited Jesus at night before his death, now visited the cross in broad daylight. I want Nic's report. I want to hear him state the obvious.

I'm also left pondering the cross, the way my sweet and perfect Jesus died and what I would've done had I been one of the women kneeling at the cross.

This morning I don't have answers. I am left with questions. Things to ponder. Ways to think about what I've read this morning.

How about you? Do you ever think about the whys or the other angles of the historical events reported in the Bible? Any ideas of your own from your reading today?

Let's ask God to turn our eyes upon Him today and open our ears to hear His voice.

This post is part of Sandy's series 30 Days of Hearing God.


Melanie said...

I have many more questions that I have answers.

Queenmothermamaw said...

I guess we were brought up differently Lisa, but never being taught to read and ponder the Bible, I just accept it all on faith. I am sure Mary would have loved to pull Jesus from the cross, but I feel she knew by then He was fulfilling the prophecy and her role was to suffer with him. Blessings

Christie said...


Thanks for reminding me that God calls us to have FAITH...how does faith come? By hearing the Word of God! He also tells us to study in order to show ourselves approved.

So many times my quiet time with Him can just be black marks on the page...no questions, no study. Is God pleased by that? Absolutely not.

Thank you for reminding me today that we need to be asking God to reveal His word to us...even the things in between!

Love and hugs,

nancygrayce said...

Our pastor always says those are Deuteronomy 29:29 things. But, I do wonder and what a wonder it will be to hear all those answers in heaven!

Big Fat Mama said...

Great reminder!

Denise said...

Beautiful reminder, thanks sis.

Karen said...

amen and amen....you have given us so much to think and pray about.....prayers and love....

Deborah said...

Hi Lisa, my family will often tell me I hear what I want to hear..I think they are being sarcastic!
You do give me a lot to think about though.
I hope your enjoying your weekend!