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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Guest Post from my Daughter!!

A Day I’ll Never Forget

One day I’ll never forget is May 1, 2010. That’s the day I moved. That morning I was given permission to bring doughnuts to school, so I could share them with my class. Everyone loved them! Towards the end of my day, two of my close friends gave me awesome gifts! Ingrid gave me a cute stuffed animal puppy with a sweet card. Lilly gave me a beautiful necklace. It is silver and very cute! After that I took pictures with my class and teachers, which tuned out totally fun!

Then my mom picked me up early and after all the girls hugged me goodbye, I had to leave. It was so sad I could hardly move my feet to walk to the door. When we left, my mom took me to our old house and it was almost empty. The movers were just finishing. It was really weird and awkward to see the only house I had ever lived in empty.

Then we drove to our new house. Living on the lake is fun and we live close to my grandparents now. At first, it was strange to sleep in my new room and I felt a little lost in my new home. Now I am used to it and even though I still miss my old friends and teachers I love my new house, friends, school and of course, my fabulous teachers, Mrs. McLaughlin and Mrs. Meador. : )

By: Julia Smith


Loren said...

It is so hard to move away from your house and friends and even your teachers but I know if you are anything like your sweet momma ~ You will make amazing new friends WHEREEVER you go! Remember you are never alone and the Jesus is with you ALWAYS :)
I'm so glad you are loving your new house! How awesome to be by the lake all the time! That is blessed isn't it? :)

So glad you did a guest post today....you will have to do it again sometime ok!

Denise said...

I really enjoyed this post sweetie, I hope you will be a guest again soon.

MommaMindy said...

Julia, that was a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your heart. I am praying that the Lord helps you to make new friends in school.

Anonymous said...
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Rose Ann Mitchell said...

Loved to hear about your day. Love you Gran

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...


I loved your post!!! You are a very good writer. You sound a lot like my daughter, Rebekah.

I moved away from my friends a few years ago, too. It was so hard for me. But God blessed me with a lot of new friends to help me. I still miss my old friends and my old house, but I love my new friends and new house, too.

I hope you write for your mom's blog again soon. Have fun living by the lake!!!!


Debbie said...

I soo enjoyed reading your post. I am glad you are settling into your new house and school and loving them both. Change is never easy, but it is something we can always count on. Nothing ever stays completely the same but Jesus...My daughter is having a hard time with the fact that we too are moving in 3 weeks and she is married and 23 years old!! She was born in this house and lived here till the day ahe married two years ago. Soo many memories have been made in this house. But I can tell you both the same thing...Our family is what makes a house a home, and we are all still here loving each other just the same. Thanks for sharing your heart today. Maybe you can do it again sometime. Your mom is awesome.

Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

You definitely have your mother's genes for words and writing.Keep it up! Love you.

Bernie said...

What a wonderful post, I'm sorry you had to move but then I am happy that you are making new friends and live closer to your grandparents.......do you know my best friend and I met in grade 1, we have lived thousands of miles from each other over the years but we still are best friends. In fact she came to visit for my birthday just last week. Enjoy your new home sweetie, hope mom is feeling well......:-) Hugs

Sonja said...

Hi Julia:

That was so much fun, to see you writing on your mom's blog. I know you are going to make so many new friends and will just love it where you are now. I also 'get it' that you miss your old friends. They are a big part of your life.

I'm so glad your mom has such a neat daughter... we sure love her a lot!! I have a daughter too, and she now has 3 little girls of her own. They would all agree with me that you are a special girl!

Hug your mom for me, and save a big hug for yourself!!



Josie said...

Oh I loved this Lisa!! A little window into how my former students have grown. And I loved reading about Ingrid and Lily. How time flies. Wish I could see those sweet kiddos again!

Christiana said...

Julia - you're a great writer!

Thank you for sharing your moving experience. And please keep writing!

P.S. Your Mom must be so proud.

Gretchen said...

Beautiful writing, Julia. The fact that you're sharing your heart and trusting God and your parents for your future is a great step of faith. I'm so glad that you enjoy your new school, new teachers, and new friends. Enjoy your summer, getting to know your new house and the lake.

Lora said...


What a treat to hear from you and your thoughts about your day. I pray the LORD's abundant blessings are poured out on your sweet life without measure. You are a jewel!

prashant said...

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