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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Rad Team

Last Thursday on day two of my treatment, I went in and was introduced to “my team.” I thought I had met “my team.” Twice. But I hadn’t and here they were.

In order to see this as the blessing it was, I first need to tell you about my first two experiences that week in the radiation treatment center. Monday’s simulation was not bad; it was just different. Uncomfortable different.

My team was nice enough. It just consisted of all 25-year-old men. They were helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I learned of career ambitions, sweet fiancés and long commutes. Still. It felt odd. I was okay with that. I mean, a few minutes of weird each day to ward off cancer recurrence. Small price to pay, right?

I mean, the guys were likable and all. I found myself playing word games in my head the whole time they conversed with me so I could remember their names each day for six weeks. As I left, I waved and told them I’d see them tomorrow. They said I would not see them again. They were in charge of simulation only. Tomorrow I would have the real deal.

My tomorrow came and I was rushed back to the cold, sterile room. The new 25-year-old boy led me behind a wall (forget the curtain) and told me to take my shirt off. I stared. Ummmmm… where’s my gown?

The General entered. She was 25; however, not male. She efficiently informed me that I was going to be exposed anyway so I just might as well go on and take off my shirt. Just like that.

Now, I’m not the most modest gal in the locker room but that. That was just plain weird. I don’t walk around half-dressed in a medically strange environment very well. I felt I had lost all remaining dignity but I obediently removed my shirt and was led like a lamb to the slaughter for my first radiation session.

The General and her two cohorts radiated me, lowered the table and left me to dress only to call out fifteen seconds later to see if I was finished yet. I decided radiation would take some getting used to but I could certainly laugh at the humorous aspects and rise to the challenge of befriending The General and her army over the next six weeks. I’d have to if I wanted to survive it without tears. The first thing befriending her entailed was wearing clothes with no buttons, snaps, zippers or otherwise time-consuming accessories or gadgets.

I must also mention here that even though I was uncomfortable in The General's rad room, her army had Norah Jones blaring on the CD player for me. Norah's one of my very faves and that made me know once again, that God has not forgotten me. No matter how uncomfortable it gets, God has not forgotten. So as Norah sang, "Come away with me...," I prayed. I went away from that cold place with my sweet Jesus.

Then Thursday, glorious Thursday came. As my second treatment day arrived, I sat nervously in the waiting room and jumped up as a smiling new face called my name. I hurriedly rushed back throwing all my waiting-room-time-occupying junk into my purse because I wouldn’t want to keep The General waiting.

Miss Bette introduced herself, led me into the control room where Chuck and Leslie were waiting for me. They were all smiles and questions. They wanted to get to know me, couldn’t wait were their words. I feel I can even call them Miss Bette and Mr. Chuck because they’re not 25 and that is a plus to this pushing 40 mama. I call them my movie star team because there are TV shows starring Bette and Chuck. Haha Leslie is the young one of this crew and you can be sure she has movie star potential too. They make me laugh daily, tell me never to worry about running late and their first words to me each day are, “Go on behind the curtain and take your time changing. There’s a towel there to cover yourself.” Yep, that's my favorite thing about my team, they encourage modesty. And that blesses me.

I pray every day that they are blessed as much as they bless me. I don’t take their generosity and consideration for granted. Not for a second. We make a great team!

A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25


Mary Nelson said...

WOW! How thankful I am for the new wonderful modesty encouraging team you ended on! I have noted their names, will thank God for them in prayer and hope to have them if I ever need them. Love you, sweet Lisa! And YEA for both houses closing! On FB I said that I "liked" that fact and it was my first thing to ever say that about. ;)

Gretchen said...

The humor and humility and servitude that our Jesus gives you as you climb this mountain is breathtaking. Lurve you.

~*Michelle*~ said...

"and that made me know once again, that God has not forgotten me."

No, my friend.....He hasn't. And either have I or the many people who care so much about you. Continuing to pray.

Cancer is ugly.
Jesus Christ is beautiful.....

....and He still is in the miracle business.


Bernie said...

The Movie Star Team sounds like the "A" team to me.....so happy you found the perfect fit to enable radiation to go by as smoothly as possible. Your doing great......:-) Hugs

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Oh Lisa, I'm praying for you as you go through these treatments.

Heavenly Father, I lift up precious Lisa to You. Please wrap her in Your gentle arms as You walk with her through each session and each day of this journey. Heal her, remove the cancer, and hold her close to Your heart. Comfort her, her family, and her friends. We know that nothing happens without Your knowledge and nothing happens without Your grace to help us through. Thank You, Father. We ask these things in the Precious Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ who is our Savior, Redeemer, and friend.


Lisa, you are loved.

Laura said...

Bless your heart, Lisa. I am always amazed at the grace with which you handle these crazy situations. Thank God for Ms. Bette and Mr. Chuck. Thank you, Lord, for Lisa.

Andrea said...

GOD really knows how to get us to appreciate the blessings..if you had not had "younsters" the first time or so..you might not have appreciated the good ones.

PS: SItka has an award for you at All Gods Creatures.

Deborah said...

Hi Lisa, You know, while I was reading this, I was thinking how I could call them and say (you know I never would, just a figure of my thoughts..), hey listen, could you be a little kinder...even though the first team with "potential" is just doing their job, I am sooooo glad the second team came in. Being from New England...we are very modest here! So I was crinching when I was reading this. I love your positive attitude and looking always at the bright side.
I pray for you and your family always. I love Noah Jones too!

the wild raspberry said...

i'm so glad that it is turning out to be more and more comfortable for you.
i pray that your radiation is successful.
i'm going to email you with shauna's caring bridge page so that you two can meet each other. maybe you will really get to meet in a few weeks.
thanks for your prayers dear sweet lisa.

Renee Swope said...

Oh sweet friend I am so glad God provided just the team you needed to take care of you in just the way He knew would honor, comfort and nurture you most. He has you on HIS mind all the time. Love you!