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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Than Enough

More Than Enough

More than enough has been a common theme floating around me since I started out on the Safari through Daniel. It all started when Sing4Joy sent me a list of waiting songs. The first one was More than Enough by Chris Tomlin. Awesome!

The theme of the song is that Jesus is more than enough to meet all of our needs. He’s more than all I could ever want and more than all I could ever need. That’s a truth I know in my heart.

I’ve been asking myself the last several weeks if I really believe that with all my heart. I mean, that beautiful yet highly expensive sectional I want for the upstairs…theoretically, Jesus is more than that to me but in reality… The reality is every.single.time. I job up my stairs, I feel a pang on want in my chest. So, so sad but so, so true. The deeper truth, which I know to be true, is that once I splurge and go buy that couch, I will job up those same stairs and my eyes will glow with greed and lust for another object. Yuck!

But more than all I need… I have needs here. I have new needs here in this new city. I don’t know people like my Aggie crew who always had my back. I hate to ask strangers things like picking up my children or watching my dog. Ya know? Even in my inability to reach out and my hesitancy to trust my new brothers and sisters in Christ here, God is providing. Amazingly. He’s given me all the help and company I need.

What about needs that seem silly, maybe no big deal but still happen? Let me give you a tangible example of God’s sufficiency and abundant provision in my life from today. Radiation patients at MD Anderson get two hours of free parking. The attendants spell out all the rules for you, big signs remind you that you have only two hours. Patients have strictly two hours and not a minute more. The fee after that is automatically $20 and that’s the most expensive place to park there, especially for just a few minutes that accidentally elapsed while sitting in some waiting room!

Today I waited, saw the doctor, waited, got treatment, waited, waited some more, filled prescriptions and then ran back to my car knowing I had gone over the allotted time. **Sigh** I prayed. I practiced my speech begging my nurse to extend my time for me. I rehearsed my lame excuses to my Ethiopian friend who parks my smelly, crunchy car for me everyday. Before the excuses were out, he interrupted me and told me I got ten minutes grace.

My immediate thought: Your grace is sufficient for me.

My next thought: Ten minutes Grace is more than enough.

Thank God for grace!

“But He said to me, My grace (My favor and loving-kindness and mercy) is enough for you [sufficient against any danger and enables you to bear the trouble manfully]” 1 Corinthians 12:9 (The Amplified)



God is pleased that you took notice of His timely provision of GRACE on your behalf today! Thanking Him is all He desires! His GRACE always is enough!

Praising and thanking Him with you....
and Choosing JOY,

Sonja said...


You are so precious! I just love dropping by here and seeing your very focused 'slant' on life... He is guiding and encouraging and blessing your life...

just close your eyes when you head upstairs.. the sectionals will always be available... and thankfully... so is His grace!



MommaMindy said...

Yea, parking fees are one of those unexpected trials of cancer. Although I never got "grace" from our attendants, our fee wasn't $20 either! Rejoicing that the Lord caused you to give Him glory through a simple answer to prayer. He loves to ordain praise from our lips. Thanks for sharing this so we could also marvel and worship. Praying for your in all these things.

nancygrayce said...

I love the grace God extends!!!

Andrea said...

Praying GOD continues to provide for every need...there are NO needs to small.
Blessings and hugs,

Denise said...

Praising Him with you, and for you sis. I love you.

Melanie Redd said...

Just stopping by to let you know I thought of you and prayed for you today.

Hope you are feeling good...


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lisa, thanks for the prayers for my friend. You are a sweetheart to do that, and I hope and pray that yo9u have renewed strength each morning! God is GOOD!


Sheila :-)

Bernie said...

Lisa it would cost me $7.50 every day I went to Cross Cancer Hospital, and I did many times for almost a full year.....I kept my receipts and was able to claim my travel expenses on my Income Tax....not sure if you can do this in US. It really helped me as I would be there for the first few months almost a full day, I didn't eat but I would buy my sister lunch or treats and even these expenses were covered.
Hope you are feeling okay and not too tired, also think of the children and hope they are doing well in their new school, so many changes in your home this year.
Be well my friend, keeping you in my heart and prayers always....Hugs

GrandmaK said...

Wishing you well...May you grace multiply abundantly!! And my you be held tenderly in the arms of our loving Savior!! Cathy

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What a wonderful testimony, Lisa! I thank God for giving you eyes to see so many beautiful things in your life...you inspire us! Praying for you daily...Love, Janine XO

Jen said...

I love that Lisa. I love that...