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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

what palmer did today

in my hazy tiredness, lengthy waiting and hurried afternoon (i'll explain later) i stopped and gave thanks for friends who come and get your energetic 4-year-old at the last minute and entertain him like this.

and for those of you waiting with me...still no word. maybe by friday the doctor's office said...we'll see. i'm a bit skeptical at this point. (wink, wink)


Gigi said...

I, too, remember the days (and days) of waiting for the path report. The quoted date came and went...turned out the delay (for us) was in the extra staining that needed to be done. It was maddening, but necessary.

I hope your call comes soon. ((hugs))

Deborah said...

Very cute pictures! Friends are the best :)
I also liked your post yesterday.
Hold on to your Faith!

Gretchen said...

Isn't it amazing how He provides? From meals, to entertaining our four year olds. His is... I AM.

B His Girl said...

Palmer has his armor on and a sword in his hand. That is what I see. It looks like a picture of fighting the good fight of faith standing with friends. Go Palmer! B

Nana Jul said...

While you are waiting, Look to the LORD and His strength, seek his face always! Great pictures, Thank God for wonderful friends...and reminders to put our armor on too!

Anonymous said...

I got to enjoy lunch with Palmer. I must say, he is ADORABLE!!!!!!! As we left lunch my 5 year old son kept talking about Palmer. But, he called him "pompom" (as in his sisters cheerleading equipment ;) "Pompom" this and "Pompom" that. I thought it was so cute, I didn't correct him! ;) Nicole

Denise said...

Such a cutie.