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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update: Medical and Otherwise

First let me just say, it’s 12:39 and I am still in my pajamas, which my oh-so-sweet four-year-old keeps drawing to my attention. He keeps asking me why since I am not sick anymore am I not dressed and ready to run outside. **sigh** I’m tired, baby, I tell him, Mommy worked hard yesterday.

Yes, I am without a doubt, most definitely sore from my great gym return of yesterday. I will eventually dress and drag myself outside for a token run around the block with little scooter boy though. I have to. I am officially back in training for the Run for Compassion 5K in three weeks. Now, don’t y’all worry your sweet little heads. I will slow up if I have any bad pain. I am familiar with bad pain. Right now I have mostly good pain. You know, the pain that burns your thigh muscles so you can hardly sit to take care of business. That’s good pain.

This morning I spoke with Lynn in Dr. H’s office. Last week was spring break around here and Dr. H and Lynn were both out of the office. I enjoyed having the respite from phone calls and cancer questions.

However, after an entire week of searching for a new normal, I am so ready to know the answers to a great many questions! Mainly, what is the next step toward total healing? I know many of you think chemo and/or radiation may only be a small possibility due to the wait. This long and drawn out period of waiting is due to my insurance situation. It really stinks! We are constantly working on getting the coverage I need so that the rest of my treatment can go at a steady rate without any hitches.

Our final appeal to Scott and White Health Plan to cover more (or all) of the surgery I already had is this Friday at noon. We are praying they take advantage of this final opportunity to do the right thing. Won’t you pray with us? If you feel led to let them know one more time how they still have time to do the right thing and pay for my life saving surgery from February 26 at MD Anderson Cancer Center you can get their contact information here. We are praying and hoping they admit that by having my surgery at MDACC, my breast was saved and my body was spared from having any more (reconstructive) surgeries.

Andrew and I feel led to go forward with the hearing at this point because a) it would be really nice to not have to make the huge monthly payments to MDACC for the next year, b) Scott and White members really need to know what they’re up against if they are ever diagnosed with a rare disease (especially one as defined by the Rare Diseases Act) and c) Scott and White Health Plan just needs to do the right thing.

The radiologists at MDACC have yet to read my PET scan because they read in-house scans before they look at scans from other institutions and I would think being the nation’s top cancer center that they would have lots of in-house scans to read! And so, we wait knowing my team at MDACC is putting a little pressure on radiology to look at my scan. J

I am also continuing to have increasing pain in a couple of my lower ribs. This started as a small vague pain about a week after my diagnosis. It now hurts all.the.time and can be relieved with Advil but always remains tender to the touch. I am waiting to see if Dr. H thinks I need a bone scan for this and if so, I will have the scan before the appointment on April 12. As for that appointment, I have been added to a cancellation list so that I can be seen earlier if a spot opens. Pray for some cancellations, y’all.

I’ll be waiting for one but in the meantime, I think I’ll enjoy the gloriousness of spring.

“God, my God, how great you are! Beautifully, gloriously robed, Dressed up in sunshine! What a wildly wonderful world, God! You made it all, with Wisdom at your side, made earth overflow with your wonderful creations…Send out your Spirit and they spring to life…Oh, let me sing to God all my life long…Oh, let my song please him!” From Psalm 104 The Message


Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

Still praying! Thanks for the updates.

B His Girl said...

Wow Lisa, can't believe the wait is so long to hear what they see. I think you are doing amazing in this process. I pray they will look at the scans soon and your appt will move up in time. Keep casting your cares on the Lord as we continue to pray for you.Love, B

Jen said...

Praying that S&W do the right thing, and definitely praying about that pain you are having. xoxoxo

Bernie said...

Sorry to hear you are having pain, yet am proud to see that you keep moving. I will pray that S & W do the right thing and cover your expenses, seems so unfair but then insurance companies are about profits aren't they, they don't seem to care about what is fair.
Keeping you and your family in my heart and prayers always...:-) Hugs

Amanda said...

I have posted your button on my site and hope to add more prayer warriors to your team!!

Joey said...

Praying my friend, praying!

Andrea said...

Continuing to storm the heavens on your behalf.
Hugs, andrea

Denise said...

Carrying you to the throne everyday sweet sis, love you.