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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Next Generation

Thursday someone asked me how they could pray for my children. That, my friends, is a loaded question. If you’re like me, you have a few million prayer requests for each child at any given time.

I mean, just the current moment holds hundreds, if not thousands, of concerns. Right? I want my children to excel at school, socially, as friends, in sports and I want them to learn to listen and obey my voice, make good decisions and not to succumb to peer pressure. I want them to know their passions, learn to worship God in everyday life and share his love with a dying world. I want them to always do their best, be compassionate and love others and love Jesus with their whole hearts. I want them to learn to be leaders, exceed their potential and achieve the goals they set for themselves. Get it?

I simply want the best for my children.

Then we have the whole “children of a cancer survivor” thing. I want them to know how they feel and learn to deal with their feelings in a healthy way. I wan them to understand that in spite of their mother having cancer that God is good and loving and just. I want them to take this and use it to help other children whose parents have cancer. I want them to learn how to release all the pain and stress associated with this appropriately. I want them to learn that God answers prayer and I want them to learn to praise him in the storms of life.

This is all current stuff. The future brings an endless list of requests. I want them to love and serve God all of their days. I want them to have godly spouses and marriages where they love, serve and submit to one another as well as to Christ. I want them to be blessed with healthy children and long lives. I want them to get all the education they need to pursue their passion in life. I want them to be free to answer the callings placed on their lives.

And the list goes on and on and on.

I could be overcome with all the worryings of raising children if I let myself. After Julia was born and all these hopes and dreams I had for her life started consuming my thoughts turning my brain into a pile of worry and ickiness, I had to ask God how to take the very good and godly desires for her to know and love and serve him and present them to him in an honorable way. He began showing me how to pray for my children (and I’ll share some of those ways with you another time.) He showed me I had to keep my heart focused on him at all times so the meditations of my heart could pour out all the things my mouth couldn’t. And, he showed me what’s most important.

I know if I had to boil it down to just one request, it would be that my children have hearts full of love and passion for Jesus and live their lives that way. Period.

The most important thing is they are filled with the desire to run to him. In all things, if they go with God, they are promised success. God’s word doesn’t lie.

Imagine my delight when the Psalm I read yesterday morning camped right here around this truth. My prayer yesterday was this:

“Hear my prayer, Lord…My days are like the evening shadow; I wither away like grass. But you, Lord, sit enthroned for ever; your reknown endures through all generations…Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord…In the course of my life he broke my strength; he cut short my days. So I said, Do not take me away, my God, in the midst of my days; your years go on through all generations…you remain the same, and your years will never end. The children of your servants will live in your presence; their decendants will be established before you.” From Psalm 102 (TNIV)

Last night as the wonderful photographer, Charly Stagg, snapped some beautiful pictures of our family, that was my prayer. That God’s fame and reknown would be known through all generations of my family and that his love would weave all the generations of us together in a beautiful story.

I can’t wait to share more with you about this. More ways I pray for my children, more pictures from last night, more about fun and charming Charly and how God used her to touch my heart and more of God's promises! What are some more truths you pray for your future generations?

“Your servants’ children will have a good place to live and their children will be at home with you.” Psalm 102:28 The Message


Joey said...

Glad Chatter...

The name fits you perfectly. I love the scripture you chose.

Thanks be to God!

Bernie said...

I join my prayer with yours Lisa, for your children, for all children for if they know the Lord God their needs will always be met.......:-) Hugs

Denise said...

Praying with you, and for you dear sis. I love you.

Alleluiabelle said...

Precious Friend,

I stopped in to say I love you and that you are always in my heart and prayers. I, too, join you in prayer here for your children, our children, grandchildren and the generations to come. May the Lord be the center of their lives just as he has become the center and first and foremost in ours.

Thank you for your continued friendship and prayer support for our family. You always bless me dear one...your heart and spirit are amazing.

Big Hugs,

Patrina said...

Awesome requests for your children, Lisa. I liked what you said :

"I know if I had to boil it down to just one request, it would be that my children have hearts full of love and passion for Jesus and live their lives that way. Period."

Period, is right. That's the ultimate request. Amen to that for yours and mine! and all our blogging friends.

Stay focused on Jesus, dear soul. Your light is shining bright in blogvilla - people are seeing your great big God! I just love Him, don't you?

Hugs, Patrina <")>><
His watchman on the wall

Andrea Frazer said...

Thinking and praying for you, Lisa. I am learning much on my journey through you and I think of you often. Your children are going to be wonderful because you have/are instilling in them the power that really matters most. (A good haircut is always helpful, but seriously, Jesus had a pretty bad shag from the pics I see of him, and he turned out to be a pretty amazing Person, so no worries really.)


Patrina said...

Lisa dear, thanks for gracing the Bridge with your presence. Thanks also for joining. I look forward to getting to know you better, neighbor! God continue to hold you as you dance with the KIng.

Patrina <")>><
His watchman on the wall