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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Update and Update (Yesterday's Part 2)

***edited to update image and Whitney's addy. told y'all my brain was mushy tonight***

My brain is all over the place today. It's been a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows the last few days, lows mostly. The waiting is excruciating and the non-movement has been threatening to drive me batty! So this afternoon's call from Tamara was well received and did just the trick to lift my spirits and my eyes. I was reminded once again that I am not forgotten.

God gave me some other little gifts today. Not pink ones but I've trying to tell everyone that leopard is the new pink! I won an awesome gift card over at Whitney's place (you should all go meet her and tell her thanks for blessing me) to a funky and girly boutique and this is what their gift cards look like.
Can you believe that?

My other really exciting and somewhat needy announcement is this...it definitely deserves a drum roll...

My surgery is tentatively scheduled for next Friday! IF the Scott & White Health Plan approves it. So, please, please, pretty please be checking here for updates frequently the next few days as we need you, our (not so) secret assault weapon in place in case we need to fire again to advance. Our prayer is that they will see the benefit to their health plan (and my health) by letting Dr. Hunt perform my surgery TO SAVE MY BREAST.

I was able to get this news late this afternoon when the wonderful nurse Kim called and briefly mentioned mid-sentence that Friday was the anticipated day. I squealed, started asking a jillion questions and was promptly promised I could ask the awesome Lynn, Dr. Hunt's nurse practitioner all those questions tomorrow. Imagine my excitement when Lynn called me at 5:00 to follow up with Kim's convo!! In short, surgery is tentatively set for some time Friday. I will be waiting for Dr. Hunt's call tomorrow as she was in clinic yesterday and surgery all day today. We will go over results of the PET scan and I'll try to get a time for Friday's surgery. Please pray any other tests she orders as a result of the PET scan can be scheduled to coincide with my visit Tuesday through Friday.

I FINALLY feel things are progressing again and that is exciting. Check back tomorrow because I hope to update you as things develop. Once again I feel a joyful expectancy. And, I welcome that feeling! Tonight joy overshadows fear and hope overshadows worry. Tonight's gonna be a good, good night. Woo hoo.

I waited and waited and waited for God. At last he looked; finally he listened. He lifted me out of the ditch, pulled me from deep mud. He stood me up on a solid rock to make sure I wouldn't slip. He taught me how to sing the latest God-song, a praise-song to our God. More and more people are seeing this: they enter the mystery, abandoning themselves to God.
Psalm 40:1-3 The Message

Don't forget I'm still over at Sandy's.


Terri Ratcliffe said...

Lisa, So excited about your news. During my prayer time tonight I will definately be praying for those specific things you mentioned. I have a prayer request. Please pray that the procedure that Matt has tomorrow will help him not be in so much debilitating pain. I can't stand to see him hurt so badly. He has had so many procedures and surgery in the last 5 months it's overwhelming. I am drownding. It has helped us praying for you! It helps take our focus off of our "trials". Lifting you up!
~Terri Ratcliffe

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

yea Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie said...

Oh Lisa finally we are hearing some good news, I just want them to remove that cancer from your body....I have to learn to be patient and know that God is holding you in the palm of his hand.
Am praying so hard for you....Hugs

Sheryl said...

lisa, that is awesome news! will definitely keep praying.

you and i both quoted the same scripture today on our blogs.

love you

Anonymous said...

Just had my prayer time for this AM, will prayer for you specifically at 2PM, the same time for ring the bell for Barry and all cancer warriors.

Tea With Tiffany said...

Praying for you still. Will continue ask for God's healing hand on your life. Thank you for sharing our life on your blog. I care about you and yours. After all, we are sisters(in Christ). Love you...

Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

So glad to hear that things are beginning to progress little by little. It reminds me of Exodus 23:30

"Little by little I will drive them out from before you, until you have increased and are numerous enough to take possession of the land."

Dani Joy said...

I am coming over from Sandy´s! Loved your post. Thank you for sharing your journey. It´s one I can´t even fathom but one I know is very real. I will be adding you to my prayer list.

God is Great and will answer in great ways.

A big hug from Spain,
Dani Joy

Jackie said...

Lisa....Just stopped by to let you know that I'm thinking about you and continue to lift you and your family in prayer!

He is Faithful!

LisaShaw said...

Remaining in prayer dear Lisa! GOD is faithful!!! Love and blessings over you in Jesus Name!!

Denise said...

God is with you.