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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scott & White Exposed

This should answer all your questions about the insurance battle we are fighting against Scott and White.

Feel free to pass our story on to others!


Bernie said...

WOW....this is great, you go girl!
I am encouraging everyone to watch this as it is important to know.

Hope you are well my sweet friend, prayers going up always for you and your family......:-) Hugs

Denise said...

Praying for you sis, love you.

sonja said...

Well if that's not as clear as a bell, I don't know what is! What a great little video...

I am so happy, happy, happy for the results so far Lisa! And I am praying with you all the way through this.

I'm really glad for the time this week with your family and just to rest. You've earned it my friend!



Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

You go, girl.

Sending a check today to help offset some expenses. I love you.


His Girl said...

I tell you, girl... it's hard to even know how they continue in this line of logic. Sounds like dialogue out of a John Grisham novel.

It's also hard to know how Smith & White sleep at night. I know that I for one will NEVER EVER use their services- unless they pull out a serious turnaround here at the end.

His Girl said...

hahaha. I said smith and white. DUH

I know it's scott and white. der.

Cecelia said...

That's really something. I've been through some of that, myself. S&W dropped me when I retired and wouldn't approve an individual policy. so, I had to get Medicare and TRS. Medicare denied so many things, that I decided to drop them. Then I got into trouble from not seeing doctors and taking meds for a few years. I just have a little coverage and have to pay for everything myself. Huge medical bills now. But, I did insist on keeping my good S&W doctors. You are right in that they don't have experienced doctors in some things. I had a baseball size tumor in my thyroid gland that turned out to be benign but they damaged my nerves in my feet at St. Joe's with that machine that squeezes your feet for circulation. They didn't have anyone to deal with it and didn't want me to see someone outside their dr.s. Last week, I had a cancer cut off my back. This was basal cell, they said so I haven't worried about it. However, after reading your blog, I'm a little uneasy.
Good luck to you! I really wish that medical costs were priced so that people could just afford to pay for them! Hasn't been that long ago that we could see the dr. for $10! What happened!!
Now, I just tell people that I am going to pay for it and send me a bill. I really don't want to fool with insurance or Medicare, but I had to sign up for Medicare again because I know I will need whatever I can get. Just have to be prepared to pay for a lot! I applied in Jan., but it won't be effective until July. Can't wait that long for care. And I have to pay a penalty for not having Medicare. Ridiculous.
I started a blog, too, because I lost the vision in one eye because I couldn't, at that time, afford to pay $4,000 a month for treatment. The dr. wouldn't see me anymore.
There is such a mess out there in the medical world. For something that we all need.
I always said that people need training in medicine to be sure they are taken care of properly, and their caretakers need to have medical training too!
Thanks for sharing your experiences!