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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I just can't stop writing about Daniel.

Committing to this Safari through Daniel has been quite an experience. When I first read about it on Amber’s blog, I prayed. I thought it sounded like fun but didn’t think I’d participate. Having to post on my blog a certain day can sometimes cause my heart to beat fast.

When I have the time it’s great. But sometimes when I am too busy or overly stressed my words leave. That’s not so great. As the New Year approached and it became obvious I would not be moved, unpacked and settled in a new place, I started to ask God what direction He would take my quiet times in January. (I had planned on reading a new version of a one-year Bible but it remains packed and stored until we move. Whenever that maybe.) Each time I prayed I felt a quiet nudging. So I said yes.

Here is the time of honesty. I love Amber. Love her blog. Love her writing. Relate to her ministry. Just love her from afar via blog and a few comments here and there. She has quite a cool group of chicas over there. And if you have learned anything about me on this safari so far, it’s that a cool girl will get me to do things I never considered before. So I said yes.

Beware more honest confessing is forthcoming. Daniel isn’t really the book I felt like studying. It seems like one of the brainy books of the Bible with all the prophecies and history and Revelations related stuff. Like I just told one of my friends a couple weeks ago, “I really wish I liked smart stuff.”

One of the things we have to do this week is read an article on the interpretation of the first dream and how it relates to eschatology. How’s that for smart stuff? Last night I was praying and reading my Bible and was still in week 1, all the courage vs. fear stuff. It’s so applicable to my right now. I was telling God how I love his word and all but I’d so rather be reading a People magazine than trying to figure out what the word eschatology means and understanding a dream that has boggled my brain since childhood. But because I’m a good student, afraid to not do my homework, I read through Daniel 2 a couple of times, prayed asking the Holy Spirit for revelation and went to bed.

When I woke up this morning and began praying through my daily routine, I realized that I am in exactly the same spot as Daniel was in chapter 2.

Daniel was living under a death threat by the king. There was not one man in the palace that was willing to try to interpret the king’s dream or even seek to find out what the dream was. The king ordered everyone, including Daniel and his friends, to death. Daniel 2:13 says that men were sent to look for Daniel and his friends to kill them. The Message says that Daniel and his companions were marked for execution. The path marked for them looked, in that moment, to be very dark.

We then see some “Daniel decisions” come into play. As Arioch was making plans for the execution, Daniel “wisely and skillfully” (v. 14) spoke to him and Arioch explained things to Daniel. Daniel proceeded to go boldly before the king to make an appointment to come back and tell the king what his dream meant.

Then Daniel went to gather his friends and pray. And they prayed and prayed and prayed asking God to release his revelation and spare their lives. God delivered. Daniel and his friends were spared.

You might ask how this relates to me. There has been an order from the pit of hell to cancer to come searching for me, and cancer always comes to kill. It is looking.

As soon as I heard I gathered you, my friends and we are praying and praying and praying. The path marked for me may seem to be dark and narrow and hard as waiting can be. But this morning I went boldly before the throne and asked my God to deliver. My faith is strong that He will.

Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace (the throne of God's unmerited favor to us sinners), that we may receive mercy [for our failures] and find grace to help in good time for every need [appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it]. Hebrews 4:16 (The Amplified)


Shanda said...

I love how Daniel 2 is correlating so awesomely for you right now! I am praying that just as God granted Daniel insight and revelation that God's Spirit of revelation would also come to you and continue to speak truth, life and hope to you. It is amazing how slowly days can pass when we are waiting for something.

Standing and praying with you!

His Girl said...

girlfriend! this post!


Do you ever REALIZE that you are the 'cool chick' in this story????

His Girl said...

*ahem* meant to say EVEN realize!

I love his word and all but I’d so rather be reading a People magazine than trying to figure out what the word eschatology means and understanding a dream that has boggled my brain since childhood.

me too, sista! me too!

Jen said...

Standing shoulder to shoulder in prayer with you, new friend. (((hug)))

Sheryl said...


oh my word...just wow!

Andrea Frazer said...

Lisa, you are apparently much smarter than I am because I cannot even figure out Amber's notes/outline to know what to read, and now it is Week 2! But I will figure it out and be back. Lovely post.

B His Girl said...

You brainy spiritual girl! This is a great post. I stopped by to say Hi and I am praying for you. I also appreciate the lesson. I will stop by and meet your inspiring cool friend. It is going to be okay Lisa. Luv, B

Cindy Bultema said...

What a powerful post! Thank you for your honesty and insights! What a blessing!

Denise said...

Very awesome post.

Gretchen said...

Have just added you to my Google Reader, for I don't want to be w/o Glad Chatter in my life.

Funny, Daniel didn't really call to me, either, but I trust Amber, and trusted God (at least this time--total disclosure, right?), and this is where I landed.

Isn't it funny that a brainy book like Daniel has been anointed for us to read. Right. Now. I see it specifically in your circumstances, but Lisa, I believe we're all a part of a divine appointment. xxxooo

sonja said...

I can still hear you singing! And yes... I live right out of Dallas and we should definitely get together during one of your visits and have lunch... La Madeleine or PF Chang???

Hang in there Lisa, it's all going to be ok.


His Love Extended--Julie Gorman said...

Lisa...what a great post. God is the God of the impossibles...He knows no limitation...His mercy is endless...His grace is sufficient...and His healing is still for today.

A couple of years ago I faced some tests...long story short...God completely healed me. So I'm standing with you and praying for your healing. Thanks for visiting my site today.

Brian, Steph, Jada and Kiva Lee said...

yes...absolutely I am praying with you! Looking forward to hearing more. Much love

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.