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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gadgets? I'm Clueless!

Yesterday I had to wander around Bed, Bath & Beyond to find a soup pot or dutch oven or whatever people call those big pots you basically use to cook everything.

Mine got burned to a crisp. Remember? Shopping there was such fun! I had a cart full of goodies that I didn't even know I was missing. I mean seriously. Where have I been?

I did not know there were so many organizational tools, colors of satin sheets, furry throws and kitchen gadgets. Things to squeeze my oranges, drain my pasta, whisk my smoothies, organize my closet, lift my bed and warm my towels and hold my coffee. I registered for homey stuff a long time ago. My set of pots and pans is now mismatched and has only a few remaining. My plates are all broken and chipped and we are doing good if the six of us can eat on matching plates. My table linens are out of style, colors long since left the fashionable palate. My bed linens have holes in them and stretched out corners (There are even little elastic thingies to hold stretched out corners around mattresses. Seriously?!). My towels are frayed and my rugs are rugged. I used to update things but I just haven't gotten out much in the last few years. I started to wonder what I've been missing as I wandered the aisles.

In the end I settled only on my list but managed to add this meat grinder thingie. It was on sale for $2. I thought it's be worth trying for that. I just fried five pounds of ground beef. It is ground to perfection. Nice and fine little crumbles. Just beautiful! Not the regular gigantic lump of meat that's not really a meatloaf I usually end up with. Pretty amazing.

What other kitchen gadgets do I need? Come on. Tell me your favorites. I need an easier and more beautiful life. Help a sister out in the kitchen!


Denise said...

Woo Hoo, congrats on the new gadgets.

Bernie said...

My favorite new thing in my kitchen is my juicer, oh I love it. I use it when the oranges, apples or almost anything are on their last days....wonderful addition at least for me....your new meat grinder thingy looks great as I am always using a fork to trying to have smooth not big lumps in my spaghetti sauce....Hugs

Lisa were thinking of a crock pot, it cooks a full meal slowly and is wonderful when you have a busy day planned. I just dump everything in it first thing in the morning and always come home to beautiful meal and a house that smells great.

CarpioFamily said...

ok, first why 5 lbs of meat? so, just curious.

and i love my apple corer from Pampered chef. I try to be very simple but golly i had to have this thing. I just punch it through the apple and hand it to easton ,baggie it for a lunch, or make baby food with it. I don't have to cut the apple then de-seed it. So helpful!