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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Tis the Season

The last six weeks or so have been a bit of a whir. We attended two twenty year high school reunions, Andrew's and mine. We painted our entire house. We got new floors. We had two garage sales and sold a myriad of things of Craig's List. We went to Houston too many times to count. We went to Corpus, Florida and Denver to take care of business. We go to bed each night asking God to bring on the change.

It's crazy really. I remember about fifteen or sixteen years ago going to a ladies' retreat and listening to a really spunky speaker talk about answering the call of God on our lives. She said adventures in her life started as she and her husband were praying one night. Their prayer turned into a chant, "Lord, we're bored, Lord, we're bored..."

That boredom lesson stuck. Much to my delight I am now finding myself praying with my own husband and chanting the chant, "Lord, we're bored, Lord, we're bored..." We are waiting with anticipation to see what our future holds. We are as excited as we've ever been to see what will happen as each day unfolds.

I promise to post the pictures of the house and all this week. I can promise that because I'm baaa-aack. Back in bloggyland, that is. I've been a little absent for many reasons. The least of which has been our crazy schedule. The main reason is that I've grabbed these evening hours to snuggle with my favorite snuggle bugs, decorate for Christmas with my best designers and just be with the fam. I feel the days slipping through the hour glass and want to take advantage of each and every one. I've loved enjoying just being together!


Andrea said...


GOOD GRIEF...U ran more than one marathon last week. It sounds like you packed several marathons into one week. GOD BLESS YOU!


Still Learning said...

What a busy gal you have been! I loved reading about your excitement for the future. How wonderful. I'm sure He has something wonderful in store for all of you.